Close-Up of FIDLOCK MINI TURN for Zirkeltraining on the bag

These retro bags by Zirkeltraining bet on high-quality details, including the fasteners - MINI TURN & SLIDER

Zirkeltraining offers a unique collection of bags made from recycled leather taken from sports equipment and gymnastics mats. Each piece is hand made and unique. Zirkeltraining has received many renowned awards that attest to its innovative concept: limited edition, retro-style bags, an unmistakable design and high-quality features with extremely functional details, such as the FIDLOCK magnetic closure for bags.

From Zirkeltraining to cult bag

The Zirkeltraining bag collection ranges from classic messenger bags and protective covers (for notebooks, tablets and smartphones) to sports bags, bags for photography equipment, and ladies' handbags, not forgetting pencil cases, sponge bags, and purses and wallets. All of these products are connected by their unique design, their use of recycled materials, and their high-quality details. In some representative products from the collection, such as the Kasten plus and Kasten Uni laptop bags and the Stufenbarren iPad protective cover, a highly-functional magnetic closure for bags and covers ensures that the items are particularly convenient to use and close extremely securely.

For example, the MINI TURN and the SLIDER fasteners by FIDLOCK are used here. All of the closures can easily be opened using only one hand, close automatically, and keep notebooks or tablets securely fastened.

Closure for bags with added value

The convenient and secure magnetic closures for bags, iPad covers, and similar constitute a key product feature and design element that is functional and offers added value: For example, the padded Zirkeltraining Kasten Uni laptop bag does away with Velcro strips and uses the quiet "slide up" design of the FIDLOCK SLIDER so as not to disturb the focused atmosphere in university lecture theatres. The individually made MINI TURN bag fastener, laser engraved with the Zirkeltraining brand, guarantees a strong designer look with maximum effect for the Zirkeltraining brand.

Zirkeltraining bag Kasten Plus with MINI TURN

Kasten Plus by Zirkeltraining with FIDLOCK MINI TURN

bag Stufenbarren iPad with FIDLOCK MINI TURN

Stufenbarren iPad by Zirkeltraining with FIDLOCK MINI TURN

bag Kasten Uni with FIDLOCK SLIDER buckle

Kasten Uni by Zirkeltraining with FIDLOCK SLIDER

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fasteners on the MINI TURN or SLIDER product pages.


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