Joline Krone

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Joline Krone

Your role at FIDLOCK (FW):

Marketing Manager

Joline Krone - Marketing Manager Footwear

Why join the FW team?

The thought that our fasteners can be found on numerous cool sneakers motivated me to support the team.


What would you say is the biggest difference between FIDLOCK FW and our other fields and fasteners?

FIDLOCK FW not only works on footwear-specific fasteners, but we also offer concepts that inspire when implementing our products on the shoe. In addition, our team provides individual support and advice when it comes to finding the best possible way to bring our fasteners to the shoe.


What do you especially love about FW?

No matter how you are dressed, shoes can completely change your appearance once again.


What do you focus on most for communicating about footwear fasteners?

That in addition to the appearance of the fastener, it is always shown how functional and innovative it is, and that the opening and closing of the shoe can suddenly be a pleasure.


Which fasteners are currently your favourite for footwear and why?

Definitely the HOOK 25 plastic. It looks technical and can be a cool feature on a sporty sneaker. Plus, it’s really fun to use it.


What would you say is the strongest argument to use FIDLOCK for footwear?

Either we make opening and closing a shoe easier and faster, or we are a visually cool feature that is fun to use. That suggests a FIDLOCK fastener, doesn't it?


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