Oliver Schaub - Product Developer

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Oliver Schaub

Your role at FIDLOCK (FW):

Product Developer

Footwear Team - Oliver Schaub

Why join the FW team?

I was convinced by the possibility to take over a quite specialized area at FIDLOCK and the chance to help shape it.

How did it feel to start and work a specified team/taskforce?

What I love about the FW team is that as the newest member I get the chance to be a part of key decisions and further specializations for our team. In other words, we grow and advance together.


What would you say is the biggest difference between FIDLOCK FW and our other fields and  fasteners?

I believe that we take an especially intensive look at the product of our customers – the shoe – perhaps more than other areas do. We currently learn a lot about materials, production processes and how a shoe is developed. This way we can adapt our future developments even better to the special requirements of the footwear industry.  


What do you especially love about Footwear?

Footwear is a huge area which offers so much to explore – from the craziest designs to the latest high-tech materials.


What do you focus on most for the development/sales & service of footwear fasteners?

On great functionality and that the products are as self-explanatory as possible.


Which fasteners is currently your favorite for footwear and why?

WINCH – because of the adjustment possibilities
HOOK 20 tanka – my first development at FIDLOCK
HOOK 25 plastic – easy and secure


What would you say is the strongest argument to use FIDLOCK for footwear?

Quick and easy use with one hand!


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