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Proudly introducing our Chinese subsidiary FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited

In the past years, the popularity of our magnetic fasteners has grown noticeably. Thanks to the special ease of use and intuitive functionality of our unique FIDLOCK concept, we offer great possibilities to let your products additionally stand out with innovation and fun. The moment when you open or close FIDLOCK fasteners on apparel, bags, shoes or other products is an exciting experience, created by magnetic force. On top of that, you can still rely on the secure hold of the mechanical features. Great opportunities for inventive applications established our buckles in diverse industries around the world, such as bike, apparel, outdoor and many more. However, the best way to see the advantages and easy handling of our fasteners is by using them and experiencing the fun and function yourself.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that this is not only possible at our headquarters or international distributors but in the heart of Shenzen as well, where our subsidiary FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited has opened its doors – ready to offer quick and personal service for our growing customer base in China and throughout Asia!

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FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited: less distance and easy processing for the customer experience

A large part of our customer base is situated in China – not only many modern factories that produce OEM-products for international companies but also increasing numbers of Chinese premium brands that meet highest international standards but are mainly present in China. Additionally to our existing Hong Kong partner Lee Ing Global Ltd, we have therefore decided to open a Chinese office which suits the special requirements of the industry, allowing us to offer closer and faster service and enhance the customer experience for our partners in China. This will facilitate many processes, starting with the first contact and including areas such as logistics and orders:

  • quick service for technical matters and samples

  • quick and easy communication in Chinese

  •  know-how of development on-site

  • service and partner for local Chinese companies that haven’t applied for an importing license

  • VAT invoice Fapiao

  • personal consultation and display of applications & fasteners in our showroom

The story & people behind FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited

We have to thank our Chinese team for the great new offices and the smooth start of FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited. Our general manager for the Chinese office, Jesse Liu, has found great rooms and a motivated team to represent FIDLOCK. However, having Jesse to keep a reliable eye on everything was a lucky development of faith.

It was in the summer of 2019 when the first contact was established. Jesse and her husband Vincent were introduced to us by our Israeli distributor Eyal Zur from NOMADITY. Fortunately, they were already excited about our magnetic fasteners from previous projects that featured our buckles.

“We love FIDLOCK buckles and didn’t imagine that one day we would be a part of FIDLOCK”

Jesse Liu, General Manager FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited

As part of the founding team of Starry Ltd., which in the meantime has grown to a group of 8 factories in China and South Asia, Jesse and Vincent have valuable expertise from 20 years in the production of high-quality products from textiles and plastic, such as school bags, bags, camera-equipment and much more. Jesse already worked as General Manager for the first company which today is the headquarters of Starry Ltd. and Vincent was the head of design and development. At least as important as their expertise is that we also share a mutual vision for FIDLOCK.  As a result, the project FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited had a face and preparations could begin!

Jesse put in many hours of hard work. She did not only find further great team members, but also suitable rooms. Of course, an office should have a great working atmosphere and a “feel-good factor” for customer appointments. On top of that, the location, the traffic, and the proximity to important addresses could not be neglected. Thanks to the effort Jesse put into her search, everything was considered and FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited is ready for the future:


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“We are looking forward to being the local counterpart for our customers headquartered in China and Asia! We are motivated to support them with intuitive and innovative fastening solutions by FIDLOCK – engineered in our headquarters in Germany!”

– Jesse Liu, General Manager FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited

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If you want to get in touch with our new office, you can write an e-mail to or reach FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited at +86 13923461049 or +86 755 21059048. Our new address is:



Or in English:

Fidlock Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited
805/806/807, Building A Yicheng Huanzhi Zhongxin, Renmin Road,
Longhua District , Shenzhen, China 518109


You can also visit their website: