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Discover FIDLOCK's sustainable solutions: Recycled buckles from Ocean Material®

For the production of its recycled buckles FIDLOCK has formed a partnership with Ocean Material®, a company that collects and recycles plastic from the sea and coastlines.
The partnership was formed back in 2022 through a chance encounter that quickly led to promising results. Since the beginning of 2024, FIDLOCK has now added four recycled closures to its product portfolio. Many more will hopefully follow soon.


Production Process


This is a typical supply chain of an Ocean Material® product. The key differentiator lies in the utilization of marine feedstocks and advanced mechanical recycling technologies, which significantly enhances product quality.




The Ocean Material® recycling process begins with the collection of waste, which is then gathered and brought to Collector Centers. From there, the waste goes further to the recycling partners of Ocean Material® where it undergoes sorting, shredding and cleaning. The pre-processed fishing nets can then be utilized by manufacturers to create finished products such as the FIDLOCK buckles.

Additionally, Ocean Material® prioritizes third-party certification to validate that their operations adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards. 



The finished product

The new recycled FIDLOCK buckles are made from up to 100% recycled plastic. The plastic comes from discarded fishernets, which are collected, shredded and cleaned.To guarantee the load capacity of the recycled buckles a certain percentage of glass fiber is added. Therefore, the load capacity of the recycled buckles is almost the same as of the regular buckles. The recyceled buckles are available in black and a blueish colour.

In the future FIDLOCK is aiming to offer its customer constantly more recycled buckles out of the existing product portfolio.

Our recycled buckles 


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The story behind Ocean Material®

Ocean Material® was founded by Toni Kienberger in 2020 and is currently active in 12 different countries all over the world. With a profound passion for both business and watersports, Toni amalgamated these interests to establish Ocean Material®, aiming to pioneer impactful solutions for cleaner oceans. With their initiatives they not only support the cleaning of the ocean but also prevent further pollution. 

“In collaboration with a global network of partners, we collect and process marine waste and resources, ranging from discarded fishing nets to innovative seaweed feedstocks. This forms the basis of Ocean Material®, creating a wide range of high-quality products with diverse applications, from durable consumer goods to compostable eco-packaging”, states Toni. 

In addition, the company is supporting projects focusing on sustainable education. Toni actively participates in various educational initiatives at schools and universities and is the founder of the non-profit educational program, the Ocean Material Recycling Workshop, which has successfully conducted over 500 workshops to date. 


Toni Kienberger