Footwear with FIDLOCK

Footwear with FIDLOCK – tieless shoes with magnetic buckles

It happens to almost everyone and is annoying, can be dangerous and takes time: stumbling over open shoelaces. Fortunately, FIDLOCK magnetic buckles and fasteners offer clever alternatives that save time, effort and are fun to handle. This article puts a spotlight on our fasteners, developed specifically for the footwear industry. Additionally, we want to demonstrate the versatile application areas of our other FIDLOCK fasteners with different primary purposes – saying goodbye to shoelaces, knots and frustration!

Magnetic footwear fasteners by FIDLOCK

Shoes can profit greatly from innovative and quick fastening options. No matter, whether it is to make the last-minute sprint to the bus or simply for more comfort. Also, particularly compared to shoes with laces, they facilitate the fastening of shoes for customers with limited flexibility of their fingers and hands. As a result, we dedicated a team at FIDLOCK to developing magnetic fasteners especially for shoes: They combine the perks of the FIDLOCK concept with smaller, flatter and low-key designs. Of course, they also suit alternative applications on textiles.

HOOK 15 FW sewable

HOOK FW 15 sewable





One of these fasteners is the STRIPE FW SB 20: with a lightweight of 6,7 g and Dimensions of merely 30,9 x 31,2 x 8,0 mm (W x L x H), can be used for delicate shoe applications. It is based on the FIDLOCK STRIPE and offers a great alternative to common hook and loop fasteners – without the noise!

Another variation of the STRIPE FW is the STRIPE FW DR 20. It is distinguishable by the additional D-ring on the female (upper) part which allows adjustment on the webbing. Nevertheless, it stays small with dimensions of 44,0 x 31,2 x 8,0 mm and only weighs 9,1 g. Both STRIPE footwear fasteners offer easy attachment and can be sewn onto or into the material. Furthermore, depending on which material is used, even glueing and welding can be possible.

Another magnetic footwear fastener by FIDLOCK is the HOOK FW 15 sewable, weighing only 9,5 g at 27,8 x 45,9 x 12,4 mm. This variant of the HOOK product family is distinguishable by its sewing strip that allows easy attachment onto or into the material. A D-Ring and a pull tap offer adjustment and easy handling of the tiny fastener. Depending on the implementation of the magnetic fastener on the product, the HOOK FW 15 sewable also suits many application areas, other than shoes.


Other FIDLOCK buckles on shoes

Furthermore, our portfolio of magnetic fasteners and buckles that are suitable for shoes isn’t limited to the footwear-specific options! FIDLOCK offers a great variety of shapes and sizes, with many of them being a great choice for shoes. For example, staying close to the HOOK product family, the HOOK 20 rope sewable X3 or the HOOK 20 flat adjuster: Both feature an extremely flat design, with heights of merely 8,6 mm and 10,4 mm. Additionally, they offer adjustability for tightening or loosening the shoe strap.

Moreover, the V-BUCKLE 25 is the buckle for shoes that need extra secure fastening and a modern or even industrial design. The unique shape and the shield made from stainless steel provide a high-quality appearance. This is accompanied by a self-securing feature, converting traction on the straps which adds security.

On top of that, there are even more magnetic buckles and fasteners, usable for footwear applications. Depending on the style and other requirements, our customers often get creative in their choice for a FIDLOCK fastener for shoes:

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Hi Jack Sandals - HOOK 25 plastic

A prime example of the alternative use of FIDLOCK buckles on shoes is demonstrated by Hi Jack Sandals. The Indonesian company not only proves that sandals can indeed be worn with socks. Additionally, they have dedicated themselves to the sandals – creating new and fashionable designs that suit vogue outfits as well as casual walks or excursions. The Astro Sputnik, Astro Black and the Astro Iris are defined by a futuristic design that is reminiscent of outer space and end of the world scenarios. Therefore, the sandals need a buckle that differs from the conventional. Our HOOK 25 plastic not only fits the special design but contributes to a sense of zero gravity, through comfortable shoes with a simple to use and single-handed magnetic buckle.

Hi Jack Sandals - Shoe with Hook

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Hobo - SLIDER 25 plastic shield

How to use our FIDLOCK SLIDER on a shoe, is nicely presented by the Japanese brand hobo. As the name already indicates, the brand is inspired by the travelling workers of the late 19th century. Therefore, it transfers the free and adventurous spirit, through the design and function of their products, into our globetrotting and modern lives. Hobo’s collections include EDC products, accessories, assorted lifestyle products and leather goods – spanning from headwear to bags and, of course, footwear. Staying true to the hobo lifestyle, the brand is known for colourful and elegant design, paired with great functionality. Naturally, the Cow Leather Slip On with a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle follows these guidelines. They are based on the classic Postman shoe and therefore suit elegant and casual outfits alike. High-quality leather serves for a luxurious look and an easy-to-hold loop and the FIDLOCK SLIDER 25 plastic shield make this shoe uniquely easy to put on and take off. Additionally, the single-handed operation of the FIDLOCK magnetic buckle facilitates very quick tightening of the shoes – no eyelets and laces required!

Hobo - Shoe with SLIDER