set handle F alu 40
Opening mechanisms
ca. 40 g
PA66GF15, aluminium
For material thickness
female and male: 1,0 - 2,6 mm
Static breaking load N
431 N
Static breaking load KG
44 kg
aluminium anodized
threaded ring (included)
Tools for assembly
female: TOOL 2/TOOL 3/TOOL 22; male: TOOL 1/TOOL 3/TOOL 22
50 mm (Ø female); 40,0 mm (Ø handle)
Punch hole for assembly
female: 36,0 mm; male: 27,0 mm
Article description

The handle F alu 40 is the smaller version of the handle F alu 50 with a knurled edge. The diameter of only 40 mm makes it a discreet alternative to other aluminium fasteners. The individualization options correspond to those of the set handle F alu 50.

Safety instructions & further information

The MINI TURN handle features a single-use catch mechanism and isn't removable after successful fitting!

For prototypes and testing, the handle can be made removable by cutting off two catch hooks on the shaft of the handle (attention: the cut handle can no longer be used for production).

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

Field of application

The MINI TURN product family is particularly designed for use on shoulder bags, satchels or handbags - wherever the practical one-hand operation and high locking force indicates special comfort and safety.


The fitting is extremely comfortable. Product designers can choose between two different fastener versions, depending on the application area: processing with screw collar (MINI TURN thread) or with heat riveting (MINI TURN rivet) for extreme loads.  


The fastener covers are available in different colours and can feature individual branding - with a logo as a sticker, laser engraving for aluminium handles, through optional dyeing of the plastic or anodisation of the aluminium surfaces. Furthermore, individual handles can be developed on request. 

You can find more information on our customization page.

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