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On Her Own – a documentary about her way to the North Cape 

30 days, 3,500 kilometres and 33,000 metres of altitude from Kristiansand to the North Cape along the Norwegian coast. Alone, without support. Just her bike, her tent, her cooker and some spare clothes.

Her motivation? To finally dive back into bikepacking after a long time and, as she says, “arriving on the road”. To take her community on her daily adventure, to inspire them to go bikepacking and to show them that you canjoy bikepacking on your own, without a concrete plan or a fixed route. And, as so often, to hopefully serve as a role model.

Wiebke didn’t need much preperation. From all her previous bikepacking tours, she roughly knew what to expect. The most important thing was to have confidence in herself. Confidence that she can make it to the North Cape alone and self-supported, take care of herself and she will ultimately enjoy her time on the bike.

“If you leave all the stress, responsibilities and obligations at home and just focus on cycling every day, you will get a lot further than you think.” 

After five days on the bike, they were already on the ferry to the Norwegian mainland. From now on, her tour led along the Norwegian coast. Scenically, this was quite different from anything Wiebke had seen before – along the fjords, over bridges and ferries. Therefore, Norway was a very special travel destination for her:

“Norway is close and yet somehow difficult to reach. It is varied and challenging. It’s worth bringing time and the bicycle offers relaxed travelling. Norway is very safe and wild camping is legal. And I wanted to cycle above the Arctic Circle. All this together makes Norway a super destination for me.”

She specially experienced Norway during her trip. And yet she also had to face challenges again and again:

“Checking ferry schedules, managing my arrival times, finding dry places to sleep, combining the right clothes, so I don’t sweat or freeze.”

In addition to the right clothes and cosy pyjamas, the FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 800 was also the perfect companion.

“It fits perfectly in the frame under the frame bag. Therefore, I could always keep myself adequately hydrated during the trip.”

Wiebke wanted to capture her journey forever and share her impressions even better. So Fabienne, a long-time friend and camerawoman, accompanied her on the last part of her trip. From now on, they experienced everything together, sharing memories of incredible experiences and especially of the moment Wiebke reached the North Cape after 31 days of travelling, completely tired and at the same time full of joy.

You will see exactly these experiences and get very exclusive, previously unreleased insights into her bikepacking tour in Wiebke’s first bikepacking film “On Her Own”, which will be available on YouTube from 22 December 2022. The film takes you on a unique journey, shows pictures of Norway’s distinctive landscape and gives authentic insights into Wiebke’s way of bikepacking.

Yu can’t wait to see it and are looking forward to personal comments from Wiebke about her Norway tour. Then come and join us on 13.12.2022 to celebrate the premiere of “On Her Own”!

Registrations are possible until 09.12.2022 here: ON HER OWN