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The TWIST system for shoulder straps and hip belts

The first generation of the TWIST tex base proved that the tex base is the perfect extension of the TWIST system away from the bicycle. Thanks to the modification, the new tex base multi is now also easily attached to shoulder straps.
On the running belt, backpack straps or hip belt: With the TWIST tex base multi, the TWIST bottle is always within reach – perfect for the hiking tour or city trip when the bike has to stay home.

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Strong magnets attract, center, and latch different modules magnetically to the base.

The mechanical locking keeps the module securely attached to the frame. This ensures comfortable and safe handling, even under strain.

TWIST modules can only be removed with one simple “TWIST” to the side.

Even small and thight frames that offer no space for conventional bottle holder cages can be equipped with a water bottle.

Full flexibility and easy mounting

The TWIST tex base multi is now available in a “2 in 1” version. The base is simply attached to vertical straps (like the should straps for backpacks) with a rubber ring. For all horizontal straps (e.g. hip belts or MOLLE system), the already known fastening method remains unchanged: insert the strap between the two plates and fasten it with the magnetic screw heads.

Mounting on vertical straps like shoulder straps

Step 1: Place the base ontop the webbing in the desired position.

Step 2: Place the flexible strap behind the webbing and pull it up into the hooks to secure the base.

Conversion to tex base multi for horizontal straps like hip belts

Step 1: Unscrew the magnetic heads with the aid of the little tool included in the delivery.

Step 2: Take the top plate off and use it to assemble the horizontal version as descibed in the following steps.

Step 3: Place the webbing between the upper and lower plate included in the delivery.

Step 4: Screw the magnetic heads into the threads – hand tight first, then secure them with the tool.

Advantages of TWIST

Secure Locking

With strong magnets, the TWIST module is attached to the bike frame and is locked mechanically with one simple click – this ensures comfortable and safe handling, even under strain.

Intuitive Handling

TWIST modules can be removed with one simple “TWIST” to the side, which makes it ideal for tight bike frames where a normal bottle cage would not fit.

Modular System

All modules are compatible with all bases and can be exchanged. One interface offers countless possibilities!

Modular System

Thanks to the modular set-up of TWIST, one interface offers many possibilities of attachment. All that is needed is one of the different bases and a modul with a connector.

The small TWIST bike base captivates with its minimalistic design. It is simply attached to the bike frame by using the two standard thread inserts. The universal TWIST uni base fits any bike frame profile by using flexible straps. The TWIST tex base, specially designed for sports and outdoor activities, can be attached to textiles.

The modular concept also enables TWIST to be expanded constantly and currently it contains various bike bottles as well as a universal connector. The TWIST uni connector allows for all soft plastic bottles, bananas as a little snack, or the rolled up rain coat to be integrated into the TWIST system.