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Korbinian Engstler

Korbi is undoubtedly one of today's most exciting mountain bikers, and his use of Fidlock technology is just another example of his innovation and determination to stay one step ahead. But Korbinian is not only a pioneer of technology, he is also a master of his craft.

He rides the toughest courses and challenges with ease, delighting fans all over the world. When he is on his bike, he seems to be one with the mountain. Korbinian's ability to keep the front wheel of his bike in the air while riding through tight corners is incredibly impressive and has earned him the title of 'King of the Manual'. His precise control of the bike in these moments is something few other riders can match.

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Fidlock, GHOST-Bikes, Bike Republik Sölden, Maloja, Oakley, G-SHOCK, Sixpack, SENDERS Academy, Newmen, F100, First Degree

Favourite product the Korbi bottle 600

Korbis Ghost Riot AM

Check out Korbi's new Ghost Riot AM and its components.