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Wiebke Lühmann 

Instagram: @wiebkelueh

In 2016. Wiebke discovered cycling for herself – and just two years later, she crossed South America by bike all by herself! Wiebke discovered cycling for herself at a local road race. At the time, she was fascinated by the speed and lightness the women in the race exuded. 

Today, she has become such a woman herself and inspires others to take up two-wheeling as well. This initial enthusiasm for cycling developed into much more than just a sport for Wiebke. Whether it’s the relaxed gravel tours or the hard trainings on the road bike, for Wiebke the bicycle is her gateway to freedom. Through cycling, she can network, meet new people. When she wants to break out of her everyday life and routines, her bike is the best way to leave her comfort zone. 

Get out into the fresh air, take a deep breath, leave everything behind for a brief moment and clear the head. When the legs get heavy on the bike and the lungs are burning, when the muscles reach their limits – especially then Wiebke refuels her energy. But not only leaving everyday life behind for a short moment – also living in every moment. Enjoying every single second and taking every new impression of the world with her. Being able to live completely independently and self-determined. To make your own decisions about where to go, when to go or how far to go. To expand the radius and thus, also the perspective completely at one’s own pace and under one’s own power. To train strictly according to plan, or to live into the day with the tent in the luggage. For Wiebke, cycling is not just a sport. It is not the next competition or working off goals on a list. 

It’s a way of life, a place to rest, the change of pace and at the same time her battery. And the more Wiebke discovered cycling for herself, the more she recognized the chances for a better togetherness. The chance not only to empower herself, but also others. To show others that anyone can achieve anything with courage, inspiring role models and a supportive community. That we influence not only our lives but also the lives of others with our thoughts, attitudes and actions. To carry this attitude even further into the world, Wiebke became the co-founder of the initiative “The Woman All Ride” in 2021. In this collective, she can grow, exchange and inspire through and with others. She has now found a great platform with which to talk about topics that otherwise get little attention. Dear Wiebke, we take our hats off to your passion and are very happy that you are a part of our FIDLOCK Bike Community! Here’s to many adventures together with exciting bike stories!

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