Jasper Jauch

Jasper Jauch is a role model when it comes to “self-made” success. Despite a difficult start, Jasper got up again and again, and never lost sight of his goal. Today, the mountain bike professional can look back to national and international successes.



Jasper was first introduced to mountain biking when he was 16 through his dad’s friend and for him, it was love at first sight. However, he did not have the financial possibilities to buy such a bike. Thanks to the family friend’s help, he was able to first train on an old bike, and later afford his first brand new mountainbike by working as a gardener for this friend. And from that moment on, nothing, could stop him. He started racing and win first sponsors by promoting himself. The path to becoming a successful  pro-rider was cleared.



As a mountain bike professional, Jasper made it into the top 30 in the World Cup in addition to some great results in the European Cup. He rode with the top athletes in the world, always driven by the desire to get better.

“Into the tunnel, just you and the bike. The experience of biomechanics and physics brought into harmony through balance. It’s fascinating.”

For him, mountain biking meant independence, propulsion, versatility but also being in harmony with nature. At first, he also had respect, he told us. Then he dared, tried it, failed, got up again, and finally made it. Tackling his limits, that means mountain biking to Jasper. And he believes that no matter how successful you are or where you come from, in the end, it is always about following your own path to success and happiness.



Even if Jasper was a professional mountain biker, cycling means more to him than just a competition. For him, racing means teamwork and friendship. He got to know this side of riding while visiting friends on the island of La Palma. His friends worked there as guides, combining the fun on the trails with connecting to others. He immediately caught the opportunity to share his passion for cycling with other people while earning money and started working as a guide for Atlantic Cycling after he finished school. In order to pass on his knowledge, he then also worked as a cycling coach.

The motivation to share his knowledge with others finally led him to recording his own podcast and founding a YouTube channel. This way, he tries to offer added value in addition to entertainment to the listeners. On his channel, he gets the chance to show himself just the way he is – funny, nice, and reflective. Interested in the different careers of various personalities, he also seeks exchange with others on topics related to two-wheelers in his podcasts. So he got into a conversation with the founder of FIDLOCK – Joachim Fiedler – which might be one of his most exciting FIDLOCK experiences.



In addition to cycling, the mountain biking professional likes to go bouldering, swimming in a lake, or takes care of himself with mobility and stretch units. While also enjoying a good cup of coffee or music is, his mountain bike will probably always be his greatest passion. His bike is already firmly on the plan for 2021 – Jasper wants to do the backflip and 360 with his bike.Well, we are staying tuned and are excited about all your upcoming podcast and video episodes!