MTB and classical music at FIDLOCK? – Joachim Fiedler visits Jasper Jauch

At first glance, it couldn’t be more different – classical music and MTB biking. But in a conversation with MTB professional Jasper Jauch and FIDLOCK founder Joachim Fiedler, we discover surprising similarities.

Jasper Jauch is a former MTB professional. Coming from a humble background, he worked hard to get into the bike business. He never gave up and today he can look back on national and international successes. After his professional career, Jasper remained loyal to his fans and continued to report from the bike scene. In his podcast “Single Trails and Single Malt” and on his YouTube channel, he speaks with various personalities from the industry and thus offers his listeners real added value with humor and information. Jasper talks to his guests about their individual careers and hence, not only informs his audience but also inspires and inspires them.



For episode 95 “Music & Meditation as a source of motivation. Joachim Fiedler from Fidlock.” Jasper Jauch came to the FIDLOCK headquarters in Hanover and met Joachim Fiedler. The two didn’t just talk about the origins of FIDLOCK. With Joachim, Jasper took a look behind the scenes at FIDLOCK and learned how Joachim’s childhood still influences the corporate culture. In the podcast, Joachim chats away and tells how a whole product series was created from “nothing” and how the development of the products works at FIDLOCK. This not only gives an exclusive insight into Joachim’s career, but also shows how passionate bike products are made.



We can already reveal one thing: As a former music professional, Joachim knows how to make the impossible possible, regardless of the discipline. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first, it is precisely this attitude that not only connects classical music with FIDLOCK, but also the careers of Joachim and Jasper. Both are professionals in their own disciplines. The former licensed musician and the former MTB professional have overcome similar hurdles on their way to success. The two also find parallels looking at the end of their careers. They tell you why, regardless of your specialty, perseverance, a willingness to take risks, good teachers and lots of training are the most important things. Also, they explain what connects meditation with downhill riding and why Jaspers’s path of becoming a film producer and Joachim’s buckle business are based on the same motivation. The two report on their own experiences and discover unimagined similarities between areas that one would never suspect together.



So listen to the episode and find out more about the world of FIDLOCK from the perspective of a music and an MTB professional. We promise it will be worth listening!

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