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A great connection with exciting moments: FIDLOCK is sponsoring partner of the Hannover RECKEN

Our enthusiasm for sports goes far beyond biking and water sports. The right moment, teamwork and perfect technique are also essential in handball. Coupled with a dash of local patriotism, a partnership with the professional handball players of TSV Hannover-Burgdorf is a 100% hit. On a human level, too, a lot fits together – whether it’s in the hall at an exciting match or simply in the middle of beautiful Hanover on a bike ride with a few coffee stops.

We directly accompanied two of the so-called Recken on a bike tour of the city.
Goalkeeper Domenico, who has been living in Hannover since 2019, showed the newcomer for the 2022/23 season Renars (right back) his favourite places.

Hanover typical nanas were also part of the route.

The best products for a bike tour

On the bike tour, of course, a HERMETIC sling bag could not be missing, in which Domenico has his most important essentials with him and always within reach. On the bike, the two are equipped with the VACUUM handlebar base, on which their mobile phones are securely fastened and always in sight – perfect as a navigation system in a still new environment. The TWIST bottle (Domenico: 800, Renars: 2×590) always provides the needed refreshment in between.

Renar's favourite FIDLOCK product

With the VACUUM mini tripod base (a small tripod that also serves as a selfie stick), the funniest moments were captured as unforgettable memories.
Rocky mountain ridge with snow-covered tops

Another great moment in our partnership was when we were on site at the ZAG Arena on 6th October 2022 as the company of the match day of the RECKEN and cheered loudly for "our" RECKEN!

After the game we had reason to celebrate - the exciting thriller ended in the last 3 seconds and the RECKEN won 28:27 against Hamburg!