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KEEGO x FIDLOCK: two award winners, one goal.

Thanks to FIDLOCK, the revolutionary KEEGO water bottle mag(net)ically on your bike – a must for all cycling fans!

When biking on the trails, on the serpentines in the Dolomites, or when bikepacking under the stars – there’s one thing you definitely should not miss: your water bottle, which ensures optimum hydration. However, there are now countless types of bottles – the sporty bottle you won in the last race, the plastic version from the kiosk, or a metal bottle. But none of them seems to be perfect. While plastic bottles are lightweight and squeezable, making them great for regulating the flow of your drink, cheap plastic models can contain plasticizers that are harmful to your health. Bottles made of metal do not have this problem. They ensure a clean drinking experience but are not squeezable and heavier. A bottle that could combine the benefits of functionality with an incomparable drinking experience would be perfect.

That’s how in 2016, the vision of a lightweight, squeezable drinking bottle free of mould and plastic taste was born – a KEEGO bottle! KEEGO founder Lukas Angst immediately tackled the problem and set out to find a solution.

After testing countless materials, the KEEGO team came across the titanium coating. As a metal, titanium guarantees that the water in the bottle remains neutral in taste and odor, and free of plasticizers and microplastics. In addition, titanium is not only very light and durable, but also has a non-sticking effect. If the coating is irradiated with light, the titanium also has an antibacterial effect. That’s the best way to prevent mould as well. However, since the body of the bottle is still made of plastic and only the inside is coated with titanium, squeezability is also guaranteed. A seemingly perfect combination. (click here to find out more about the KEEGO bottle)


With the TWIST uni connector, the KEEGO water bottle can be securely attached to the bike. This unbeatable team of innovative technology and ultimate solutions is now available exclusively as a bundle! Your drinking experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable and nothing stands in the way of your outdoor adventure!

In the same year, our TWIST principle was presented for the first time at the Eurobike – and revolutionized the bicycle market. With this principle, the water bottle can be attached to the bike without a bottle cage, so the bike still retains its clean look. Especially on rough trails, the strong and secure magnetic-mechanical attachment also ensures that no bottle falls off. With this mount, we tackled the problem of securely and smoothly attaching bottles to the bike – and solved it with a unique technology!

With this principle, we at FIDLOCK make everyday tasks a little more magical, comfortable and fun – and provide unforgettable moments on the trails. Solving problems with ingenious products is our motivation. KEEGO shares exactly this motivation. They, too, not only revolutionized the water bottle by solving a problem, but making every moment of drinking distinctive. Both brands have already received several awards for their innovative technologies. Both are newcomers to the industry with one goal – to improve the drinking experience on the bike, in sports, and in everyday life. Thus, a collaboration is almost inevitable!

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