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VACUUM Smartphone mount.
Ready? Snap. Go!

Grafik Smartphone Befestigung
Intuitive and quick handling

Easy and quick one-hand attaching and releasing: Snap your phone to your bike and remove with just one hand!

Grafik Magnetische Halterung
Ingenious and secure connection

Two strong, invisible forces combined for a secure and ingenious connection.

Versatile and multipurpose

One system for different appliances: Bases for bikes, automotive, the home, tripods or adventures available.

The magnetic phone mounting system with vacuum force

The FIDLOCK VACUUM smartphone mount consists of a base and either a special ultra-thin smartphone case or an adhesive patch with an embedded geometry.

The VACUUM phone mount uses a unique combination of a suction cup element and magnets to securely attach phones to your bike or tripod, but also to the car’s ventilation panel or the desk.

The phone is easily positioned and connected to the mount through the magnetic guidance and the vacuum force keeps it securely locked. In case of a strong impact, the hold is additionally secured by the vacuum pressure created by the suction cup.

The centering of the smartphone is ensured by the magnetic force – thus the suction power is always guaranteed. The smartphone is released by simply pressing a lever on the side of the phone base.

Thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and vacuum pressure, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and is 360° rotatable, while a ratchet prevents it from rotating during the riding – even on rough trails!

The VACUUM products


One case for throughout the day

From the office, into the car and on the bike for the after-work ride – thanks to VACUUM, the smartphone is always right there with you!

Whether you need the phone as a second screen at the workplace, as a navigator in the car on the way to the trail and then on the handlebar to track your new KOM – thanks to the different bases for the bike’s handlebar or ahead cap, the ventilation panel in the car and the desk, the smartphone is always in reach without having to switch between cases.

The slim case protects the smartphone on and off the individual base. The understated elegance of the inconspicuous case with a shock proof TPU surrounding is accompanied by the decorative as well as practical ratchet and recessed geometry. Soft material on the inside of the case protects the phone’s backside.