SLIDER buckle customized - blue and red
Colour up your buckle!

Customize the colourway of your FIDLOCK magnetic buckle  - get inspired by our colourful possibilities!

Did you know that our magnetic fasteners can take on the colourway of your products? 

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Here at FIDLOCK, we know what difference small details on products, such as fasteners, can make for customers in their buying decision. Visually adjusted to the overall design, they can nicely contribute to a product's appearance. Colours can play a central role, allowing components to blend in or turn into a striking eye-catcher. Let the buckle be a fully integrated part of your product’s design and branding – there are countless possibilities!


Preview of our video about different colours for buckles
Assortment of different FIDLOCK magnetic buckles in different colours in 15 versions

To facilitate the ordering and sampling of magnetic fasteners in different colours, we have coloured up our range of standard colours in our FIDLOCK colour program. It lists the matching Pantone codes and terms for coloured FIDLOCK components. Do your style and design call for a different colour? No problem, we are more than happy to find the ideal solution for your product. The colour range for customized buckles is not limited to those included in the FIDLOCK colour program. To find out more, whether it be about standard colours or terms for other colours, download our FIDLOCK colour program for detailed information. You can also contact our service team – we are happy to answer your questions! 

5 different colour inspirations for buckles

Please note that the composition of certain materials limits the customization possibilities for some fasteners. Components requested in the materials durethan or grivory are only available in black. You can find a list of buckles that are only available in black in our FIDLOCK Colour Program.

5 tiles with different coloured FIDLOCK buckles

Are you thinking about taking the branding on your FIDLOCK components to the next level with more than colours? Then check out our other options for customized magnetic fasteners – you can find out more by clicking the button below!