A FIDLOCK prototype shoe with the WINCH momentum fastener
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*photo shows a FIDLOCK prototype

WINCH fasteners – unique and versatile combination of magnetic fastening and laces

Thumbnail with shoe application as example for WINCH use


Here at FIDLOCK, our focus lies on creating a special moment when opening and closing a fastener with great ease of use. Some of our magnetic fasteners are developed for specific application areas. Well-known examples are our pinch-free SNAP helmet buckles. However, most of our magnetic fasteners are suitable for diverse application areas. This category includes the WINCH fasteners – featuring one of our newest technologies. They combine the perks of the adjustability of laces with our unique FIDLOCK concept, creating a new functionality with a variety of special features:

The handle can be detached from the base

It unwinds when opened

Pretension can be applied before winding up

Laces of different types and sizes can be used

Laces tighten when turning the handle of the closed fastener

Customization is possible

WINCH - Illustration

Fastening, tightening, winding – WINCH

The innovative WINCH fastener is a unique combination of magnetic fastening, tightening and adjusting. In the handle, laces are wound up around a spool. The handle can be pulled off completely, allowing quick and automatic unwinding. It also enables users to apply pretension to the laces with the opened fastener. As known from the FIDLOCK concept, magnetic force guides the handle into the correct position when reattaching it.

Moreover, a single WINCH can be connected to multiple laces. The exact number depends on the thickness of the laces and the WINCH handle type. This creates countless possibilities for applying WINCH fasteners on products, ranging from footwear to outdoor or even medical applications! Of course, our WINCH is available in right-turning and left-turning versions, suiting the special requirements of some products – for example, a pair of shoes.

WINCH handles

Since the WINCH is ideal for such a large variety of products, our designers developed three different handles to suit the look and conditions of diverse application areas:


WINCH momentum handle in black

The WINCH momentum is the “classic” version, featuring a clean design with great grip that especially suits applications for sports and outdoors.

WINCH elegance handle in black

The WINCH elegance features a fashionable design with a smooth-edged and soft-touch surface. Additionally, a pull tab facilitates quick removal of the handle.

WINCH compact handle in black

The WINCH compact is the smallest handle in the WINCH family. It is the ideal choice for designs that call for a compact but elegant handle or products that don’t offer a lot of space.

WINCH application areas – countless possibilities

Due to the combination of tightening and fastening, WINCH fasteners create unique possibilities for products from many industries. Additionally, we combined the FIDLOCK concept with the highest adjustability for high ease of use in many situations, such as fastening tieless sneakers! The following examples are only a few but should give you a good insight into the many possible WINCH applications:

In orthopaedics, WINCH fasteners can be applied to different aids, greatly facilitating the adjustment of vests, corsets or ankle supports.

Outdoor gear and apparel also offer many possibilities. How about trousers that can be attached and tightened to shoes, preventing the trouser legs from sliding up? Another application idea would be attaching gear for transport, such as a bicycle helmet, to a backpack.

Footwear Drawing
Footwear Drawing 2
Footwear Drawing 3
Footwear West
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing
WINCH Drawing Backpack
WINCH Drawing Bike
WINCH Drawing Kofferraum

Customizing your WINCH

All handles of the WINCH portfolio can be adapted to the design of your product. Custom colours and individual logos are possible. Additionally, the WINCH product range includes a left-turning and right-turning version to meet your application’s requirements. Please contact info@fidlock.com for detailed information.

WINCH - Orange
WINCH - weiß
WINCH -black
WINCH momentum - Orange
WINCH momentum - weiß
WINCH momentum - schwarz

Easy Fitting

We are keeping things as simple as possible for your production! The WINCH momentum and elegance handles are delivered pre-assembled and ready for the insertion of laces. The WINCH compact facilitates the installation of laces in the smaller handle with a clip-on lid. Laces are quickly attached to the spool, thanks to predestined loops and holes. Of course, instructions are available for the assembly according to the turning direction of the handle.

Additionally, the WINCH family features two different sewable bases. The WINCH clip-in base stands out thanks to the magnetic core that can be inserted subsequently, facilitating many production processes for your products.

Find the assembly guide here.