fullsize picture of the helmet buckle
Intuitive safety: discover the versatility of FIDLOCK helmet fasteners!

Helmet buckles

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Magnetic fasteners as an experience: The FIDLOCK moment!

Turning everyday opening, closing and fastening into something special is our passion. We develop mag(net)ic connections and revolutionized magnetic fasteners with our patented and innovative technology. Often, the fastener or buckle is the first touch-point with a product – and with the FIDLOCK moment, it is an intuitive, exciting and single-handed experience. 

recycled FIDLOCK buckles lying on plastic

Discover FIDLOCK's sustainable solutions: Recycled buckles from Ocean Material®


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boy wearing a helmet with the FIDLOCK COINTRAP and opening it with one hand

Helmet buckles: COINTRAP as a magnetic lightweight for helmets

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Woman from behind - close-up of the buckle on her backpack

With magnetic bag fasteners by FIDLOCK, you have everything ready to hand

Modular concepts, rolltop, hip and chest strap: With FIDLOCK, bags and suitcases are intuitive and reliable companions for the daily grind.

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the FIDLOCK concept sneaker with diverse WINCH fasteners in different colours

It's all about shoes: Say farewell to bunny ears, knots and tying with FIDLOCK

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Sketch buckle

Design-DNA: visible product cohesion through a recognisable design language 


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close-up of SNAP fasteners used on the ventilation flaps of a motorbike jacket

Magnetic fasteners for fashion and accessories: Outfits with a unique attraction

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Slider Color Rendering

From appearance to technology: discover the various stages of customization of our closures

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Closeup workwear with buckles

Innovative: workwear with magnetic-mechanical fasteners


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close-up of a glow-in-the-dark V-BUCKLE on a boot

Let it glow: Our glow-in-the-dark V-BUCKLE is a unique eyecatcher by day and by night!

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