Title image of the COINTRAP introduction showing a boy in a helmet with COINTRAP fastener
Lightweight, flexible
& one-handed!


Catch your customers‘ attention with our brand-new COINTRAP!

Introducing a small but strong helmet buckle with the newest magnetic-mechanical technology by FIDLOCK

Well-known for our innovative and patented helmet buckles, we are happy to introduce the newest addition to our range of magnetic-mechanical fastening solutions for helmets! Our COINTRAP shines with tempting features to catch your customers‘ attention.

Helmet with and opened COINTRAP
Helmet with a COINTRAP which is being closed - magnet lines indicating magnetic closure
Helmet with closed COINTRAP helmet buckle

Small but strong!

Weighing less than 8 grams, the COINTRAP combines our innovative and secure fastening concept with a very small size.

Secure fastening following the FIDLOCK concept

Naturally, the COINTRAP guarantees secure fastening. A large contact area and two undercuts create a firm hold, while the magnetic force maintains the high ease of use FIDLOCK fasteners are known for. 

Flexibility and comfort!

The male part remains rotatable when the COINTRAP is closed, going along with every move you make!

Boy wearing a helmet with a COINTRAP fastener which is opened

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Benefits of helmets with a COINTRAP in a nutshell

Our COINTRAP lets your customers experience the FIDLOCK moment in a trifold: 

  • Hear the click when the COINTRAP automatically and securely snaps shut

  • Enjoy the intuitive and one-handed use 

  • Feel the flexibility when wearing the helmet

Sounds good? Then order your COINTRAP sample now!

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