Man exercising with the CORunning belt featuring FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners

Flexible workout for every daily routine: the CORunning belt relies on magnetic buckles by FIDLOCK

The CORunning belt is a perfect companion for easy, gentle and efficient daily core training. The design makes it easy to take along, and thanks to FIDLOCK’s magnetic-mechanical buckles, you can put it on and take it off again in no time.

Top view of the entire CORunning-belt and its set-up

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Everybody knows the feeling: It is hard to find the motivation and time to visit the gym during the daily grind. The ingenious system of the CORunning belt is composed of a hip belt and pulling elements for the arms. This combination trains the muscles of the core and back while walking. Therefore, it is easy to integrate effective core workouts into walks, jogs and runs during your day. Of course, this also requires that gearing up with the belt is quick and intuitive. Therefore, the CORunning-team decided to implement magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK. They chose versions of the HOOK and V-BUCKLE product families that feature intuitive use, secure hold and continuous adjustability.

The buckles on the CORunning-belt – intuitive, flexible and strong

The CORunning belt features multiple FIDLOCK buckles: a V-BUCKLE on the hip belt and HOOK belt versions on the loops for the legs. All chosen fastener versions are designed for 40 mm wide straps.

The V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap is the ideal choice for the CORunning belt. As all magnetic buckles by FIDLOCK, it offers single-handed use and will lock into place automatically when being closed. Moreover, it features a ladderlock on both sides, allowing users to adjust the straps for the perfect fit with ease. The characteristic self-securing functionality of the V-BUCKLE is ideal for walking or running with the CORunning belt, ensuring a strong hold during your workout. Yet, it opens effortlessly with only one hand.

Close-up of the V-BUCKLE 40 LL used on the CORunning belt
Front view of the CORunning belt showing al FIDLOCK buckles
Close-up of the HOOK belt used for the CORunning belt

When running, the loops for the legs move constantly and have to endure a lot. Of course, they must fit correctly and stay closed securely. This is where the HOOK 40 belt LL comes into play, used for both loops. The ladderlock allows users to adjust the straps to their legs perfectly. On top of that, the unique domed shape of the HOOK belt versions rules out accidental opening during the workout.

You can find detailed information about other application areas, assembly, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap

HOOK 40 belt LL