Motorbike with Ends Cuoio Saddelbag with focus on the applied FIDLOCK buckles

Ends Cuoio motorbike bags: Italian craftsmanship, passion for motorcycles and innovative magnetic buckles by FIDLOCK

As a brand for high-end motorcycling accessories, Ends Cuoio leather bags  only choose high-quality materials and components for their products - including magnetic buckles by FIDLOCK. Ends Cuoio's founders express their passion for motorcycles and crafts in all their creations made in Italy. Therefore, they only use carefully selected vegetable leather from Tuscan master tanners that gains beauty over time and, as skilled artisans, create unique motorbike bags without machine mass production. The result is a unique design and high-quality products. In only a few years, their love for craftsmanship allowed them to evolve from selling belts and bracelets to an established provider of bags for motorcycles of renowned brands, such as BMW, Indian Motorcycle and Harley Davidson. Meanwhile, their portfolio includes different accessories and bag types for motorbikes, ranging from tank bags to saddlebags. To guarantee quick and easy access into versions with roll-top closures, they applied our magnetic HOOK buckles.

Ends Cuoio saddlebag on motorbike - image taken from above and front of bike
Motorbike featuring Ends Cuoio saddlebag - image taken from side
Ends Cuoio saddlebag on motorbike - image taken from above and rear of bike

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How Ends Cuoio uses the HOOK 25 magnetic buckle as a roll-top bag closure

Ends Cuoio placed two HOOK 25 plastic fasteners on each roll-top bag with FIDLOCK components.The innovative fastening technology of the HOOK keeps Ends Cuoio leather bags securely closed while driving but guarantees quick and easy access to the contents. While the magnetic buckle features an elegant design that nicely blends into the overall product, the HOOK 25 plastic also features a striking red pull tab to indicate where to open. Additionally, the pull tabs allow intuitive use even with gloves, allowing bikers to quickly grab something from the saddlebag without removing any of their gear. The HOOKs snap into place automatically when being closed, further facilitating intuitive, quick and easy use. Ends Cuoio leather bags attached them to 25 mm wide straps that are adjustable to the filling volume of the bag, thanks to the one-sided ladderlock of the magnetic buckles. Their products with FIDLOCK include bags with the addition “roll” in their names, such as the Roll Dresden for BMW R-18 or the Roll Glam for Harley Davidson Softail models.

Close-up of the HOOK buckles on the Ends Cuoio bag - top view of saddlebag

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!

HOOK 25 plastic