dog wearing Follopaw set - collar with v-buckle

Only the best for man's best friend:

FollowPaw dog collar with
our V-BUCKLE 20

A carefree package for dog owners: Collars by FollowPaw with our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE

Only the best for man’s best friend – that is probably the best way to describe the dog collars by FollowPaw, featuring our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE. Founded by two animal lovers, FollowPaw products combine stylish design with safety for dogs and owners. Their products feature multiple special features, such as the magnetic buckle. FollowPaw uses sustainable and durable cork leather that is water-resistant and 100 % vegan. Additionally, the collar puts your mind at ease should your dog decide to go on a solo adventure. The collar is compatible with Apple AirTags or Tile Sticker, allowing you to track your dog’s location. The chips from Apple work with ultra-wideband (UWB) and the ones from Tile with Bluetooth low energy (BLE). FollowPaw is an innovation for dog collars and therefore opts for a fastener with innovative features – our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE.

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V-BUCKLE: intuitive and secure closure for the dog collar 

To get a collar on an excited dog before a walk can be a test for one’s patience. Our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE 20 turns it into child’s play and even adds fun to opening and closing the fastener. The magnet-mechanical concept engages automatically, allowing intuitive and single-handed use. Also, the magnetic buckle is self-securing – the closure of FollowPaw dog collars will not open unintentionally, should your four-legged friend tug on the leash.

This version of the V-BUCKLE is easily attached to 20 mm wide straps. Of course, you can mix and match the 20 mm components with counterparts for 25 or 40 mm, creating a V-BUCKLE for two different webbing widths.

Dog with FollowPaw Collar
FollowPaw dog collar in cork with silver buckle
FollowPaw leash and collar - only collar with V-BUCKLE
Followpaw collar in black with black buckle

You can find detailed information about further application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic buckle on the V-BUCKLE 20 product page. You would like to give the fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples!