KYNNI tool roll Folio with WINCH fastener in car

KYNNI Tool Roll Folio

Fastening & tightening with WINCH

The flexible tool roll by KYNNI: Not too tight and not too loose thanks to the WINCH magnetic fastener

KYNNI follows the basic concept of “tradition meets high-tech”. Naturally, the Tool Roll Folio is also based on this idea and combines the classic design of tool rolls with innovative features, such as the WINCH magnetic fastener by FIDLOCK. Be it for documents and notebooks for travelling or tools and small equipment for your next road trip – the KYNNI Tool Roll Folio is the flexible and compact organizer that stores your belongings in a water-repellent cover. While hook-and-loop compartments offer adaptable organization inside, the WINCH allows perfect fit and easy closure on the outside. 

KYNNI tool roll folio without installed compartments
KYNNI tool roll Folio closed with tightened WINCH
Tool Roll opened with attached compartments for tools

Application of the WINCH on the flexible tool roll – innovative closing & tightening

As an organizer for various purposes, the Tool Roll Folio requires a fastener that is as flexible as the roll. The WINCH features the intuitive opening and closing of our FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners and, additionally, allows effortless and continuously variable tightening.

“The WINCH is the perfect closure for the Tool Roll Folio. Regardless of the contents, you can close the Folio without giving it too much thought and without it being too tight or too loose. Once we settled on the basic idea of the tool roll, we quickly decided on the fastener, and we designed the Folio all around the WINCH.” – Christian Kaiser, CEO KYNNI UG (translated from German)

Close-up of the WINCH, installed on the KYNNI Tool Roll

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Whether it's really just the essentials or a notebook more, the WINCH ensures that the Tool Roll Folio fits perfectly and is closed quickly. To be precise, the tool roll features the WINCH momentum, which KYNNI has sewn onto a Cordura patch.  The handle of the WINCH momentum has a clear design and offers an ideal grip for easy tightening. When opening, the automatic unwinding of the WINCH facilitates adjusting the Tool Roll Folio for new contents.

You can find detailed information about further application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic buckle on the WINCH momentum product page. You would like to give the fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples!

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