Model wearing motorbike gear with jacket featuring FIDLOCK buckles

Mycl Turell – motorbike clothing with style, quality and FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners

About Mycl Turell

As the first own clothing line by the Aachen-based company Motorrad Meyer, Mycl Turell can profit from decades of expertise, passion, and experience in the motorcycle industry. Since the company's foundation in 1960, their world has been revolving around motors on two wheels and the right gear. This explains the origin of the name Mycl Turell, which is short for Meyer Clothing Turtle Shell. Motorbike clothing and gear by Mycl Turell combines quality, innovation, and style, allowing motorcycle fans to choose from diverse jackets, trousers and more with safe protection, innovative product details and fashionable design. 

Model sitting on motorbike and wearing TransAlpin jacket

Motorbike jacket TransAlpin HighPro 2in1 – Innovation for comfort, including the fasteners

The TransAlpin HighPro 2in1 motorbike jacket by Mycl Turell is defined by many innovative features and high-quality components, turning this stylish product into an allrounder for adventures and everyday life. These include multiple of our FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners and Mycl Turell ideally make use of their advantages on the jacket for motorcyclists. In the following, we would like to take a quick look at the different applications of our fasteners. 

Close-Up of the SNAP sewable fasteners on the collar of the jacket

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SNAP S sewable fasteners for comfortable collars

Mycl Turell chose our SNAP male S sewable adjuster and the SNAP female S sewable as collar fasteners – and not only for the TransAlpin HighPro 2in1. Additionally, the Alpin Pro 2in1 winter and summer motorbike jacket also features the FIDLOCK fasteners on the collar. The neck is an area which especially achieves unique added value for wearers when the focus lies on user-friendliness. Therefore, Mycl Turell opted for the intuitive use of our FIDLOCK fasteners and turned the adjustment of the collar into child’s play for wearers with the SNAP male S sewable adjuster. Both fastening components feature a sewing strip which makes them ideal for textile applications, offering easy fitting by glueing, sewing, or welding. 

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Clever ventilation with innovative fastening

As a motorbike jacket for all purposes and weather conditions, the TransAlpin HighPro 2in1 features multiple characteristics which make adjusting to different temperatures and situations as quick and simple as possible. This includes a ventilation system on the chest with covers which can be opened and attached in a blink of an eye, thanks to our SNAP male S screw low and SNAP female S screw low fasteners. The female fastening components define the opening direction which prevents the opened and attached covers of the ventilation system from releasing accidentally and flapping around. 

Close-Up of the SNAP screw fasteners on ventilation pockets

Front pockets with the HOOK 25 plastic: easy access, also when wearing gloves

Motorcyclists will be familiar with the following situation – you just want to grab something from your pocket or put something back quickly, but don’t want to take off your gloves every time. For this reason, Mycl Turell used two FIDLOCK HOOK 25 plastic fasteners on the front pockets of the TransAlpin HighPro 2in1 motorbike jacket. Their appearance and comfort are very similar to the HOOK 25 alu motorbike but developed for the use on other products than helmets. Thanks to the handy red pull tab and the automatic magnetic closing-system, they are easily operated with gloves. Additionally, the mechanical lock keeps the pockets closed, even at high speed on your motorbikes.

Close-Up of the closed HOOK fastener on jacket
HOOK fastener being opened  with motorbike gloves

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours, other features, and variations of the fastener on the SNAP product pages.

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