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Less waste at airports thanks to the eco-friendly wash bag by OneNine5 with FIDLOCK fastening system – SNAP S

OneNine5 washbag, grey - open

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As passionate travellers with a true appreciation for the beauty of this planet, the creators of OneNine5 follow a certain goal with their product design: Modernizing travel luggage with an innovative combination of features that focus on the needs of the modern traveller with a reduced impact on the environment. Therefore, some characteristics of their wash bags are stylish design, great functionality, high quality, recycled fabric, and eco-conscious packaging. On top of that, the OneNine5 wash bag is a great contribution to reducing the use of single-use liquid bags at airports, offering a reusable and easily detachable alternative for liquids, a modern look, and functional storage.

Reusable and detachable clear liquid bag: OneNine5 opts for FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners

The reusable liquid bag makes the wash bag truly unique. OneNine5 aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags at airports. Therefore, the liquid bags need to fulfil airport standards and, also offer additional benefit for users. Thanks to the application of the FIDLOCK SNAP fasteners, using the OneNine5 liquid bag is a quick, easy and comfortable experience for travellers: It is quickly detached of the wash bag by a simple pull upwards. These FIDLOCK SNAP fasteners combine magnetic force with a mechanical snap. As a result, the SNAP S components automatically lock into the correct position when brought together. Liquids are swiftly reattached to the wash bag and everything is quickly packed up again after the security check.

Application SNAPs on attached liquid bag
Application SNAP magnetic fasteners on detached liquid bag

Application of SNAP S fasteners on the clear liquid bag

OneNine5 set a prime example for the application of SNAP fasteners on the liquid bag. The alignment of the SNAP female S screw low fastening components on the wash bag defines the upwards opening motion of the fasteners. Thanks to the small size of the SNAP male S screw low counterparts, they are visually inconspicuous, and the functionality is ideally suited for applications on small surfaces or objects. To specify, the used components are SNAP screw fasteners which are simply screwed together for assembly, catching the material in between. Therefore, they offer clean and secure fitting without leaving e.g. visible glue residue on the transparent material. Additionally, the flat cover on the inside of the bag avoids unwelcome protruding elements.


grey version of the OneNine5 wash bag
pink version of the OneNine5 wash bag
blue version of the OneNine5 wash bag

Product features of the OneNine5 wash bag – stylish, eco-concious and functional

The OneNine5 wash bag is the result of clever product design with an eco-sensitive approach. The features of the bag focus on the needs of modern adventurers and eco-conscious travellers: Seven thoughtfully designed compartments and the reusable liquid bag offer maximum space. Additionally, this durable wash bag is a reliable partner for travellers, come what may, thanks to water-resistant zippers. Long-lasting components, such as the FIDLOCK SNAP fasteners, ensure that the entire product is built to last. On top of that, biodegradable packaging, 100% recycled plastic lining, and a unique recycling scheme take waste reduction to the next level.

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the SNAP product pages.

SNAP male S screw low

SNAP female S screw low