fullsize lifshot RESTUBE bouy with the HERMETIC dry bag

Perfect add-on for the swimming buoy by RESTUBE: customized HERMETIC dry bag as a waterproof smartphone case 

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Heavy currents or unexpected circumstances in the water can cause dangerous situations, even for good swimmers. To prevent these situations and make your swim more enjoyable, RESTUBE has developed a wearable and detachable buoy. RESTUBE opted for a customized HERMETIC dry bag as a handy add-on, perfectly adapted to fit the buoy. Always have your mobile phone ready to hand in the water with the RESTUBE & FIDLOCK smartphone case. HERMETIC's 100% waterproof, magnetically self-sealing closure technology ensures your smartphone is safe, dry and protected during your swim.

HERMETIC dry bag on the RESTUBE bouy

Perfect properties & ideally adapted

All HERMETIC dry bags feature our patented Gooper technology, creating automatic closure. Featuring transparent high-tech foil, the smartphone's touch functionality can also be used when swimming. The customized RESTUBE solution of the HERMETIC dry bag is equipped with a patch for the RESTUBE READY connector, allowing the phone to be attached directly to the buoy. This offers advantages such as unaffected GPS signal and reception in the dry bag. Therefore, you can immediately make an emergency call in dangerous situations – or use the HERMETIC dry bag to record training sessions and keep your credit card and car keys safe.


HERMETIC dry bag on the RESTUBE bouy
RESTUBE bouy with waterproof smartphone case in the water
RESTUBE bouy in the water

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the HERMETIC dry bag on the dedicated page of our website.

HERMETIC dry-bag