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The Kart System by SnoKart with our magnetic SNAP fastening-system

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Many holidays start with the stress of packing and then actually getting to your destination – especially when travelling with bulky items like skis or snowboards. Therefore, a group of winter sports fans who were all too familiar with the difficulties of large bags at security checks and different airline rules established SnoKart. Putting an end to the misery, they started a brand of luggage for snow sports. The Kart System by SnoKart allows stress-free travels into the snow, and of course, to other destinations in all seasons. Easy packing, simple handling and flexible options define the luggage systems of SnoKart with our SNAP fastening system – creating unique usability.

Explanaition of the modular functionality of the kart system

SNAP fasteners - intuitive handling for the modular system 

The KART 6 includes all three different core modules of the Kart System. Therefore, it presents the most versatile option of the innovative modular luggage systems by SnoKart. Applied to the system's modules are our FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic fasteners or SNAP pull components, allowing quick and easy assembly of the parts. The tried-and-tested FIDLOCK technology automatically locks into place when the components are brought together. As a result, the luggage modules are quickly in the correct positioning, ready to be secured with the side belts. Additionally, a simple pull or slide will release the luggage components, and you can take it apart again just as quickly. The application of FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners was part of the complete design overhaul of the SnoKart range in 2018 & 2019.

“The use of FIDLOCK fastenings represents a major step forward in making the system more practical and consumer-friendly. We now have a product that is genuinely innovative and world-class“ - SnoKart Brand Manager.


In a nutshell: The KART 6 luggage system is easy to pack, quick to handle and has got all your trip’s requirements covered – be it for a weekend on the slopes or a longer stay!

You can find detailed information about further application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the SNAP and SNAP pull product pages. You would like to give the fasteners a try? Then check out our service for samples! 


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