model in fashion by the viridi-anne

Style made in Japan

The Viridi-anne men’s wear featuring FIDLOCK: fashion and fasteners with elegant design


The creative mind behind the Viridi-anne is designer and artist Tomoaki Okinawa who graduated at the Tokyo Zoukei University of Fine Arts with a major in painting. This passion for arts manifests itself in his fashion, creating creative, high-quality, and extraordinary designs for the brand the Viridi-anne. Since 2001, the Viridi-anne is a fashion brand for men who love an urban and underground flair, paired with sophisticated elegance. This winter and autumn collection boasts with muted colours, extravagant cuts und functional details for the colder months, including our magnetic-mechanical fasteners. The Viridi-anne has set a perfect example for the innovative and creative use of FIDLOCK for fashion. Therefore, we would like to take a closer look at a few pieces of the collection and the used fasteners:

The viridi-anne men's waer with FIDLOCK fasteners
black pants with V-BUCKLE 25 in black as belt buckle

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Elegant pants with V-BUCKLE 25 black flap

These black pants by the Viridi-anne combine elegance and casualness. Tapered at the lower legs, the cut of the pants creates a slender silhouette. Also, the stretchy and water-repellent material allows for high comfort in the rather wet weather conditions of autumn and winter. These pants call for a belt buckle which is just as functional and stylish. Therefore, the Viridi-anne opted for our FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE 25. This self-securing fastener has a lot to offer, apart from the secure and tight hold at higher loads. For fashion, the innovative ease of use and almost industrial-looking design create a unique component with visual appeal. Additionally, the easy fitting onto 25mm straps makes it ideal for belts and other apparel and footwear. To meet the overall black colourway and design of the pants, the Viridi-anne used our V-BUCKLE 25 with a black flap for a subtle, elegant, easy to use, and reliable belt buckle.

Loose-fit coat with our SLIDER 40 – a creative choice for the collar fastener

This coat is made from breathable, water-repellent material and is a stylish and reliable choice for rainy days. Additionally, the loose fit of the coat allows for high-level wearing comfort. Eye-catching is the high collar. Here, the Viridi-anne chose a rather unusual buckle for collars but have proven that our SLIDER 40 is a perfect fit. It matches the high collar and offers an intuitive fastener with a one-handed opening mechanism. Therefore, wearers are free to close or open the collar in a blink of an eye if necessary. Moreover, the inconspicuous design of the fastener ideally suits the overall understated elegance of the coat.

model wearing coat with FIDLOCK collar fastener
close up of SLIDER 40 as collar fastener

Combining practicality and style – sling bags by the Viridi-Anne with our V-BUCKLE

Sling bags are mostly known for being a practical and hands-free solution to store your essentials everywhere you go. However, the Viridi-anne truly demonstrates that they can also be a fashionable accessory. Two of their sling bags feature our V-BUCKLE 25 on the shoulder straps which nicely complements both designs. One is a stylish, casual version and the other bag is an elegant, innovative version integrated on a jacket which can be detached and easily used as a regular sling bag and trendy finishing touch for any outfit. The V-BUCKLE allows both versions to be taken off effortlessly, without having to lift the strap over your head. Additionally, the self-securing features prevent the fastener from opening when something tugs on the shoulder strap.

casual version of sling bag in black and white
close-up of sling bag staps with V-BUCKLE 25
elegant sling bag attached to jacket

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fasteners on the V-BUCKLE or SLIDER product pages.