Treksta  - Outdoor Shoe, blue and black, side view

Special comfort with Slay 752 Edition Outdoor Footwear by Treksta with STRIPE FW magnetic fasteners for shoes

Treksta ist eine Outdoormarke

Treksta is an outdoor brand for those who love being active in the fresh air. With gear by Treksta, hikers, backpackers, and adventurers are ready to enjoy the trails our forests, grasslands and mountains. Their portfolio ranges from jackets to apparel and footwear that combine great functionality and stylish design with innovative technology and eco-sensitive materials. Even the name 752 makes you feel like hiking because 752 are three courses at the Dulegi Chiak mountain. This anecdote nicely represents the functional approach to the 752 designs. Therefore, a footwear fastener by FIDLOCK is an ideal choice for their Slay 752 Edition outdoor sneakers.

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Slay 752 Edition: A prime example for the application of the FIDLOCK STRIPE FW footwear fastener

Treksta is a prime example of the ideal suitability of the FIDLOCK concept for footwear. On the Slay 752 Edition Outdoor footwear, the STRIPE FW SB20 serves as an innovative alternative to conventional hook and loop fasteners, offering smooth and silent opening and closing with great ease of use. Treksta made use of the easy fitting for 20 mm webbing of the STRIPE FW, attaching it to a nifty zig-zag strap system. Also, the innovative functionality and the design of the FIDLOCK footwear fasteners nicely complement the 752 series, which e.g. includes a jacket that can convert to a backpack.

Treksta 572 sneakers with FIDLOCK shoe fastener in black and blue, shown from front and side
Close-Up of the STRIPE FW, showing the fitting on the strap system

Focusing on comfort with the STRIPE FW magnetic fastener for Slay 752 Edition Footwear

The Slay 752 Edition sneaker is a great representative of the characteristics of the 752 products. These shoes are simplistic, safe, innovative and functional and are ideal for hiking outdoors on spring and summer days. The net lining and neoprene material allow for breezy but protected feet on hot summer days. These shoes focus on the extra bit of comfort and, therefore, Treksta opted for an innovative FIDLOCK fastening system. The STRIPE fasteners allow wearers to tighten and release the shoes very fast and with ease, by a simple motion. With an inconspicuous appearance in the custom colourway of the shoes, the STRIPE FW SB20 footwear fastener nicely suits the sporty product design.

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the STRIPE FW SB 20 product page.

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