SNAP helmet buckle
15 shaped broad grivory
Opening mechanisms
slide laterally
Webbing width
15 mm
ca. 12 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)
46,8 x 28,0 x 13,4 mm
Static breaking load N
736 N
Static breaking load KG
75 kg
single bar
Webbing thickness (single-layered; double-layered)
2,5 mm; 1,3 mm
Article description

The SNAP helmet buckle 15 shaped broad grivory was designed for up to 2,5 mm thick single-layered webbing or 1,3 mm thick double-layered webbing and features a static breaking load of 75 kg. It features an extended portion of the ladderlock (small nub). With this feature, the webbing can be secured with the custom-designed FIDLOCK anti-slip rubber part (not included), replacing conventional O-ring set-ups on helmets which only clamp the loose webbing end to the main webbing. In other words, FIDLOCK is providing a technically improved alternative to conventional O-rings, tailored to the SNAP helmet buckle. Only the original FIDLOCK anti-slip part can be used with the SNAP helmet buckle shaped broad (no use of conventional O-rings).

Safety instructions & further information

Anti-slip part available (article no. 07037). Approved only with the original FIDLOCK anti-slip part. Safe operation is only guaranteed when the original FIDLOCK anti-slip part is used. Safety warning: use of conventional O-rings might lead to malfunction.

Variant for thinner or single-layered straps available upon request.

Not suitable for the safety-related use on motorcycle helmets or equestrian helmets.

Field of application

The SNAP helmet buckle is designed for helmets and meets especially high safety and comfort demands.


SNAP helmet buckles are simply fixed to the ends of the straps in a double-layer arrangement.


The SNAP helmet buckle can be applied with your individual design. Therefore, you can choose from possibilities including printed logos, the colouring of the logo shield or 3-D logos and reliefs of other illustrations.

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