male S screw brass (Alu) high
Opening mechanisms
defined by female part
ca. 4 g
Dimensions (Ø; height)
18,7 mm; 11,7 mm
PA66GF15, aluminium
For material thickness
2,8 - 4,0 mm
Static breaking load N
20 N
Static breaking load KG
2 kg
screw thread
Tools for assembly
front: TOOL 4; back: TOOL 3/TOOL 5/TOOL 23/face spanner

Female Parts

Article description

The SNAP male S screw (alu) high is designed for thicker materials of 2,8 to 4,0 mm. Also characterised by its elegant brass cover, it differs from the SNAP male S screw (alu) low in the length of the threaded shaft on the screw cap. The fastener is compatible with all SNAP female S components.

Safety instructions & further information

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

The load capacity and the suitability of the fastener depend on the size of the components and specific application on the product.

SNAP fasteners always require a combination of a SNAP male part and a female part of the SNAP, SNAP pull or SNAP push product families.

Field of application

The smallest size of the SNAP components is primarily suitable for textile applications or low loads, e.g. as a fastener on small bags, on collars or to attach smaller accessories. These fasteners are very compact and inconspicuous and therefore not suitable for luggage-connecting. Please note that the load capacity and the suitability of the SNAP fasteners are dependent on the size of the components and custom application on the product.


The SNAP male S screw versions can be fitted using a screw thread and a face spanner. 


This version with a high-end metal cover achieves an especially classy visual appearance. A large variety of galvanic surfaces is available upon request.

All variants