top view of full folding kayak for bachelor thesis with FIDLOCK components

© Daniel Ruprecht

Bachelor thesis on sustainable product design for outdoor water sports: VAKAY folding kayak with magnetic components provided by FIDLOCK

Student Daniel Ruprecht impresses with innovative product design and concept

Not only big companies are capable of innovating products to adapt to a modern lifestyle and be more accessible for a larger crowd. With this bachelor thesis, outdoor enthusiast Daniel Ruprecht has proven that young blood understands the need for time outdoors in a digital world. For his bachelor’s degree in design and product management, he developed an innovative concept for a foldable kayak, creating an easy way to escape into nature without transporting a large kayak or long assembly times. During the development process, he reached out to FIDLOCK to find the ideal fastening components that allow users to assemble the kayak intuitively, quickly and securely. Naturally, we were happy to support him by providing samples and assisting him in finding the ideal fastening solutions for his project.

construction of the vakay folding kayak with FIDLOCK components
fully assembled vakay folding kayak in perspective view

Ingenious application of FIDLOCK components on the VAKAY folding kayak

Daniel chose three different FIDLOCK components for three purposes on the final design of his bachelor’s project. The application of the components demonstrates that he is a thriving student in modern and clever product design. He meticulously took the different unique features of our products and the requirements for the kayak into account, allowing him to execute his idea of an intuitive and secure assembly successfully.

Close-up of the waterproof HERMETIC closure to seal the zipper of the vakay folding kayak

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Waterproof zipper-system with the HERMETIC closure

The cover of the kayak is closed with a zipper. To ensure that it is waterproof, Daniel applied a HERMETIC closure. Thanks to the magnetic attraction, it closes with ease and hermetically seals the opening of the cover.

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Simple assembly with the HOOK 25 alu motorbike

With this bachelor’s project, Daniel nicely demonstrated that the secure hold and ease of use of our HOOK alu 25 motorbike is not only an ideal choice for motorbike helmets. For one, he uses the magnetic buckles to set up the backrests and secure them with straps. Additionally, he applied them to the bumpers at the bow and stern of the kayak.

Close-up of the HOOK 25 alu motorbike on the backrest of the folding kayak
close-up of the SNAP paddle attachment with paddles attached to the folding kayak

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Paddle attachment with SNAP components

Last but not least, he opted for our SNAP fastening components as paddle attachments. One part of the fastener is placed on the paddles and the other on the kayak, allowing users to enjoy a fun and intuitive experience when attaching the paddles to the boat. Moreover, quick access to the paddles is guaranteed.

We are happy that Daniel successfully earned his bachelor’s degree with such an exciting project and are sure that he will accomplish great things in the future. We are already curious to see what other great ideas he has up his sleeve and wish him all the best for his master’s degree in industrial design!