2M Decori - V-BUCKLES made of metal

FIDLOCK x 2M Decori - luxury metal fasteners & buckles

A very promising partnership for fashion designers

In the past years, our magnetic-mechanical fasteners have gained popularity in the fashion and luxury industries. The intuitive use, innovative design and unique functionality offer great application possibilities for fashion, combining practical features with style. 2M Decori share a similar belief that useful, everyday items can also be fashionable, exciting users with an elegant, high-quality, and functional product.

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Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that FIDLOCK and 2M Decori have formed a special licensing partnership, allowing 2M Decori to create high-quality and elegant metal components with our unique magnetic-mechanical fastening technology.
Fashion designers can look forward to a whole new range of fasteners and buckles by 2M Decori with FIDLOCK technology in 2022!

Curious? You can learn more about the currently available portfolio and order samples here!

More about luxury metal buckles

Representatives of FIDLOCK and 2M Decori - image taken at 2M Decori headquarters

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“We are very pleased that we have found a partner with such high standards in the quality of their production – and with unique know-how to transfer our technology into their own designs. We will support them with our international sales network and fully trust that the management and the team of 2M Decori will perfectly transfer the FIDLOCK experience for our customers.”

– Joachim Fiedler, founder of FIDLOCK

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“We kept an eye on FIDLOCK in the past years and are very enthusiastic about the latest technologies they have developed. We are looking forward to building on the ingenuity which has established their fasteners in the fashion and luxury industries and to explore further possibilities with FIDLOCK.”

– Sabina Minute, Company President of 2M Decori

Did we spark your interest? You can visit our page detailing the current portfolio or contact us for further information – our service team is happy to help.

Luxurious metal buckles