Hands-on with FIDLOCK: Innovative magnetic buckles on clever products for crafts & construction

Creating something with your own hands is a greatly rewarding task. However, this line of work sets high demands in regards to equipment, tools and protection. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are a professional builder, roofer, carpenter or a do-it-yourself enthusiast – proper gear makes life between debris, wood shavings and dirt so much easier.  The following products are proof of what relief innovative product design, paired with our magnetic fasteners, can bring to a construction site or workshop.

Geronimox Werkzeugrolle

GERONIMOX tool-roll: high-end materials, elegant manufacturing, finest contents

For many, crafts are far more than mere jobs, they are the perfect balance to their stressful daily grind in the office. These are people for whom the GERONIMOX tool roll is a special treat – saying goodbye to dull, unorganized and clunky tool cases. Focusing on “Made in Germany”, GERONIMOX has combined new levels of luxury and high-quality. As a result, it has been awarded the GERMAN DESIGN AND INNOVATION AWARD 2020 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Luxury Goods”.
The roll itself is tailor-made by experienced artisans from full-grain leather, giving it an elegant appearance, the typical velvet touch and familiar smell. Inside, a leather case and neatly placed pouches keep the tools perfectly organized, facilitating the search for the proper tool. Additionally, the GERONIOX tool roll is filled with tools of renowned German Manufacturers, such as KNIPEX, PICARD or INBUS. On 1,5 m length, 23 of the finest tools are ready to tackle the challenges of your next project.  The tool roll comes with an innovative Weather Wrap with a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle, prepared for dirty workshop environments:

preview image instruction geronimox weather wrap

Made from Cordura fabric, usually associated with motorcycle gear, the Weather Wrap is extremely durable, has a waterproof coating and will even repel oil.  The ingenious design facilitates easy wrapping, in just a few moments. Additionally, our FIDLOCK SLIDER 40 allows for quick and easy access. It can be opened with a single hand by sliding laterally and when brought together, the magnets attract each other, allowing it to close automatically.

Werkzeug-Sortierung: perfekt Dank GERONIMOX

SKYLOTEC – for great heights

The decades of experience in the industry are transferred to innovative fall protection products by SKYLOTEC. Their portfolio includes an extensive range of products for safety at heights, for sports and for industry. As one of the leading manufacturers for Personal Fall Protection Equipment and permanent fall protection, they additionally offer substantial service and share their expertise in a training program at the so-called Vertical Rescue College. With SKYLOTEC products, you are protected and comfortable when working at great heights on the construction site and when climbing a mountain on the weekends!

Many jobs at construction or renovation sites bare the risk of debris coming off or falling from great heights, therefore, head protection is a must. With the INCEPTOR GRX, reliable head protection is provided and combined with great comfort and flexibility. The EPS thorax was specifically designed to absorb high impact forces, ventilation holes of the largest possible size and continuous adjustment from 54 to 63 cm achieve great comfort on long workdays. The expert design is complimented by the application of our FIDLOCK SNAP helmet buckle, the intuitive opening and closing mechanism is quick and prevents skin pinching, which is ideal during time pressure or when having only one hand at your disposal. Additionally, multiple helmet clips, the Gear Rack and Euroslots allow for the attachment of headlamps, neck protection, sun protection, and other equipment to the helmet. This flexibility is accompanied by longevity, thanks to the removable chin strap with a FIDLOCK magnetic fastener as well as padding. The INCEPTOR GRX is available in different versions, e.g. for work with high voltages.

Inceptor Helm mit SNAP helmet buckle

Furthermore, SKYLOTEC used the SNAP helmet buckle on the all-round safety harness IGNITE ION. Thereby, they demonstrate alternative use of our well-known magnetic helmet buckles. Applied to the chest strap, the slender and small design doesn’t protrude uncomfortably and facilitates gearing up in a jiffy. Developed as a self-explanatory harness, even for inexperienced users, the magnetic fastener is an ideal choice. Additionally, easy adjustment options and three different sizes guarantee a comfortable fit. Finally, an abrasion indicator on the orange roping-up loops contributes to the overall safety.

ignite ion close up buckle
Arbeiter auf Dach, gesichert und mit Helm