plans, sketches and prototypes of fidlock original fasteners
The original FIDLOCK – not a fake fastener! 

Recognize that the fastener you are looking at is a FIDLOCK original

guaranteeing secure hold, unique comfort & single-handed use!

The moment of opening and closing a fastener is what we focus on to give users a unique experience with a reliable product. Therefore, we are proud to be the home of the tried-and-tested FIDLOCK concept which revolutionized conventional fasteners. We combine magnetic force with mechanical mechanisms to create unique features which users will remember:

> Secure hold

> Unique comfort with single-handed use & an automatic locking mechanism

> Innovative design

Each fastener is meticulously planned, tested, and designed by our development team, based in Germany, to achieve the high quality and safety we promise. 

But time and time again, closures appear that look similar, sometimes even confusingly like our closures, but are not real FIDLOCK fasteners. They are fakes! Often their functionality is limited, the material does not meet our high-quality standards, and the counterfeiters violate our intellectual property rights because our closures are all based on our patented technology

To manufacture, offer, sell, or even to use fake buckles is a patent infringement! 

Please be assured that we will investigate any patent infringement. We enforce our intellectual property rights with extrajudicial and judicial means to fight against the patent infringers and to protect our customers from the fakes.

Here are some of our most popular FIDLOCK originals which already have been affected by patent infringements:  

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SNAP helmet buckles

This fastener fulfils highest safety standards while offering a pinch-free and single-handed alternative to conventional helmet buckles. For these features, all versions of our helmet buckles were tested thoroughly by our development and quality management teams. Therefore, we can offer variations of our SNAP helmet buckles for diverse sectors, such as biking, skating, winter sports and workwear. Using a fake helmet buckle may even put your customers’ safety at risk since they aren’t tested according to our high-quality standards.


SNAP helmet buckles

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Our V-BUCKLE combines unique design regarding its functionality and its appearance. Whilst adding a trendy detail to high fashion products, variants can simultaneously offer self-securing features for products where safety is of great importance, e.g. on baby carriers: The functionality of our V-BUCKLE 25 allows the grip of the fasteners to get stronger with rising loads. As a result, it is virtually impossible for babies or other users to open the buckle accidentally in critical situations. However, removing the load regains the great ease-of-use and intuitive automatic closure, known by FIDLOCK fasteners. This unique combination of features regarding safety and comfort is not guaranteed by fake buckles.



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SLIDER buckles

As the name of this fastener already indicates, the SLIDER shines by its simple handling by sliding open and automatically locking into place again. Key is the smooth and incomparable functionality of our SLIDER, distinguishing them from counterfeits. Internationally renowned fashion brands have already opted for our FIDLOCK original fasteners which revolutionized buckles for bags, belts, shoes and more!



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HOOK buckles

Our HOOK product family boasts with diverse variations, uniquely adapted to their purpose and application areas. Our HOOK 25 alu motorbike, for example, combines powerful, secure hold with single-handed use, offering comfort and safety for motorcycle helmets. Our developers planned and tested the fasteners, up to the smallest details, allowing helmet manufacturers to meet required safety standards with their product. Fake buckles have not undergone our thorough, time-intense testing; make sure you don't buy fakes with reduced safety or functionality of the fasteners. 



Already known fakes

We want to help you recognize a fake closure. Therefore, we have put together a photo collage of some of the fakes which are already known to us:


SNAP helmet buckle fakes

Fake helmet buckle for 15 mm straps top view
Fake helmet buckle for 20 mm straps top view
Fake helmet buckle for 15 mm straps and different sides - top view
Fake helmet buckle for 15 mm straps opened - view from side
Fake helmet buckle for 15 mm straps - opened and top view
Fake helmet buckle for 20 mm straps top view - opened side by side
Fake helmet buckle for 15 mm straps opned with recessed grip

V-BUCKLE fakes

Fake V-BUCKLE with black flap and for 40 mm straps
Fake V-BUCKLE 25 for 25 mm straps
Fake V-BUCKLE with black flap and for 25 mm straps
Fake V-BUCKLE for 25 mm straps with very shiny surface
Opened fake V-BUCKLE with black flap for 25 mm straps
Fake V-BUCKLE for 40 mm straps with black flap - shown from top and bottom view

SLIDER fakes

Fake SLIDER 25 buckle - opened
Fake SLIDER 25 buckle - opened - top view
Fake SLIDER 25 buckle - closed - top view
Two fake SLIDER 25 buckles - coloured neon green and black

HOOK fakes

Fake HOOK buckle opened and closed - blue and black
Fake HOOK buckle in black - close-up of closed fastener
Fake HOOK fastener in black - opened
Close-up of fake HOOK buckle - colours black and blue - closed

If you aren’t sure that what you are looking at is a FIDLOCK original magnetic fastener or have any questions about the unique features of our fasteners, feel free to contact out service team – we are happy to help!


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