fullsize picture bag by Alphavan with FIDLOCK fasteners

Travel comfort reinvented: Alphavan and FIDLOCK combine innovation and elegance in the FlexPort bag system for campervans 

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Camper vans as a premium travelling experience- made possible with the special vans by Alphavan. The equipment portfolio of their vans includes bags with magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK.  Thanks to the magnetic fastening components, packing and stowing your stuff away in the camper is quick, easy and comfortable.

Alphavan coordinates every detail of the concept and design of the vans with their customers. Therefore, they guarantee the ideal functionality and maximum comfort for any van. To allow as much storage as possible in the limited space of a van, Alphavan chose FIDLOCK fasteners as mounts for the FlexPort bag system. They created innovative and completely foldable bags that can convert an area of the camper van into a walk-in wardrobe. Thanks to SNAP and PINCLIP fasteners, the bags are quickly and easily removed from the rails for packing at home.

Bag by Alphavan open

SNAP + PINCLIP fasteners as a bracket for the Alphavan FlexPort bags

Alphavan has opted for a mixture of two FIDLOCK fastener families to keep the bags in place while riding. Two rattle-free PINCLIP M are installed on the top of the system to secure the weight of the bags vertically. Two SNAP bolt magnetic fasteners on the back of the bags ensure horizontal securing while driving. Alphavan developed special aluminium holders with the named FIDLOCK fasteners to ensure the bag perfectly fits into the van and takes up as little space as possible. Thanks to the magnetic attraction, the FIDLOCK components automatically lock into place as soon as the fastener halves get close to each other. This turns attaching the bags to the back of the van into child's play.

Rails by Alphavan with PINCLIP M male part
PINCLIP M female part on the bag by Alphavan
Rail by Alphavan with SNAP bolt
SNAP fastener on the bag by Alphavan

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!