Render of the F/AR bike with fully integrated bickepacking system with FIDLOCK attachments
Fara Cycling - Integrated bikepacking system with FIDLOCK components

The new F/AR bike frame by Fara Cycling – a complete system for bikepacking adventures featuring FIDLOCK attachments

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With the new F/AR, Fara Cycling sets new standards for bikepacking systems, using their know-how of hundreds of days on the diverse tracks surrounding their hometown Oslo. The F/AR bike frame is developed for mixed-surface riding and is as smooth on gravel as it is on any tarmac. A main feature of the bike frame is created by their unique and innovative approach regarding long-distance travelling and bikepacking – achieved by developing the frame with a fully integrated bikepacking system right from the start. They applied diverse magnetic fastening components, allowing users to attach, detach, open, and close the bags within seconds. The centrepiece of their unique luggage system is the frame bag featuring our FIDLOCK SNAP components.

F/AR on gravel track with installed bikepacking system featuring FIDLOCK fasteners

F/AR frame bag with magnetic SNAP fasteners

The F/AR frame bag stands out with high user-friendliness and practicality. On the bag, Fara Cycling applied the SNAP female M screw components. Looking at suitable counterparts, they made a very nifty decision by opting for SNAP male M bolt-M5 x 8mm counterparts. These do not only support users by automatically locking into place when the bag is attached but feature an M5 threaded shaft that allows them to screw the SNAP components out of and back into the frame with ease when not required. Therefore, users can e.g. carry the bike on their shoulders without being poked by protruding components on the top tube. In total, Fara Cycling applied four SNAP fastener combinations, guaranteeing great hold for your luggage on your bikepacking adventure.

Close-up of the SNAP male M bolt fasteners used as attachment for bags on the F/AR bike frame
Close-up of the frame bag installed on the bike frame

Other FIDLOCK components used for the saddle- and handlebar bags

Although the handlebar bag and the saddle bag are still under development, Fara Cycling has already made the decision to apply further FIDLOCK components to guarantee an intuitive and quick attachment system and an easy-to-use closure for the bags themselves. Each bag will feature our WINCH elegance with a soft-tough surface and pull tab, allowing users to attach the bags and also tighten the attachment with ease. Additionally, they have applied our SNAP buckle flat 25 as bag closures which feature an elegant design and offer single-handed opening and closing.

Saddle bag of the bikepacking system by Fara Ciycling with FIDLOCK WINCH elegance
Close-up of the SNAP buckle flat on the handelbar bag of the Fara Cycling bikepacking system

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!