Application Hi Jack Sandals with HOOK and V-Buckle
Unique sandals in all details - down to the fastener

Quickly strap on sandals with Hi Jack Sandals and handy FIDLOCK buckles for shoes - V-BUCKLE 25 & HOOK 25 plastic

As the name already indicates, Hi Jack Sandals is a company truly dedicated to specific products. Focusing on sandals, their know-how brings forth unique models that are fit for leisure activities or elegant occasions. From modernizing an ancient design to using bright colours or futuristic looks – their sandals are a great example of the possibilities in shoe design.

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V-BUCKLE for unique sandal design

The brand Hi Jack Sandals has created different sandal models which are equipped with FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners. One example is the Alto Mach-1, available as Orca (black) and Blaze (orange), featuring the FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE 25. Enhanced comfort and an especially light feeling are combined with timeless design. These features need to be met by all features, down to the buckle. Therefore, the choice is the magnetic V-BUCKLE 25 which complements the design of the sandal and allows comfortable and single-handed operation of the magnetic fastener.

Application Hi Jack Sadnals Alto mach-1 with V-Buckle
Application Hi Jack Sandlas Quasar with HOOK 25 plastic

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Fastener with fun factor for exiting shoes

Another example is the Quasar sandal collection. Thanks to the clever design of the Quasar Cadmium, they combine three different styles into a single shoe. The tongue of the sandal is reversible and features a black and a patterned side. Also, it can be removed completely. This variable sandal requires a fastener which fits the design, making the HOOK 25 plastic a great choice. The magnetic fastener adds another fun factor to the shoe. Additionally, this version has an individual pull-tab, matching the pattern of the tongue on the sandal.


You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fasteners on the V-BUCKLE or HOOK 25 plastic product pages.

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