Application by Jack Wolfskin - Secret & Stretch Belt with FIDLOCK flat buckle

Focusing on comfort, the Stretch Belt by Jack Wolfskin shines with flexible fit and ease of use - SNAP buckle flat

Jack Wolfskin is among the leading suppliers of functional outdoor clothing and equipment in Europe. The key aim for all Jack Wolfskin products is to combine the best in functionality with a high degree of comfort. Weather protection, excellent breathability as well as climate control and wearing comfort are central within the product development process of Jack Wolfskin.

Jack Wolfskin belt in grey

Stretch belt by Jack Wolfskin in grey

logo Jack Wolfskin
Jack Wolfskin belt in black

Stretch belt by Jack Wolfskin in black

Belt buckles with ease of use

A high degree of wearing comfort and suitability for use with outdoor clothing were also key when developing the Jack Wolfskin Secret Belt XT and Stretch Belt. Whereas the Stretch Belt boasts a high degree of elasticity which means it fits securely to all trousers and jeans, the Secret Belt offers a secret compartment on the inside, ideal for keeping cash or other valuables safe. Their most striking common feature is the flat, lightweight, and comfortable belt buckle, which is designed to be self-closing and is easy to operate with just one hand. Here, Jack Wolfskin has opted to use the magnetic/mechanical fastener concept of the FIDLOCK SNAP buckle flat with an extra flat profile.

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Belt with brand impact

Trust in the brand plays a significant role for users of outdoor clothing and equipment. So, the option of customizing belt buckles with their own logo represented an attractive added benefit for Jack Wolfskin. The flat surface of the SNAP buckle flat makes it ideally suited for the presentation of a three-dimensional logo plate (debossed/ embossed profile) with a strong brand impact.

Close-Up Jack Wolfskin logo on SNAP buckle flat

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the fastener on the SNAP buckle flat 30 product page.


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