Modula System opened - revealing the modular interior

Modula Milano opts for FIDLOCK

Italian design meets modular functionality

The Milano System featuring magnetic fastening in triplicate

A backpack tailored to adapt to your lifestyle

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Modula Milano’s concept is to create a backpack that suits any situation of modern everyday lives. Therefore, they combine timeless design, carefully thought-out functionality and high-quality materials with innovative magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK. The resulting Milano System is a lifelong companion – elegant Italian aesthetics on the outside, paired with flexible functionality on the inside. Modula Milano used our innovative SNAP fastening system for interchangeable interior blocks, achieving intuitive, quick, and easy modularity.

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More about the Milano System

The opened Milano backpack with visible modules and SNAP fasteners

Application of the SNAP fasteners on the modules of the backpack

Modula Milano ideally implemented the use of our SNAP magnetic fasteners for modular purposes. The core is the Milano Anchor, featuring multiple SNAP female M fastening components. On the interior blocks, Modula Milano has applied the SNAP male M counterparts of the fastener combination. These allow users to snap on the required modules onto the anchor within an instant. Additionally, our SNAP fasteners open intuitively, enabling a layout change of the backpack within moments. An upwards sliding motion will release the blocks. The orientation of the SNAP female parts defines the opening direction of the fastener. Therefore, Modula Milano used SNAP female M screw components, which feature a screw collar for easy fitting and variable alignment.

Anchor module of the milano system with SNAP female components
Everyday module of the milano system with SNAP male parts
packing module of the milano system with SNAP male parts

Further FIDLOCK components used for the Milano System

In addition to the ideal application of our SNAP M fasteners for modularity, the Milano System features two different FIDLOCK buckles for other purposes. Of course, both feature single-handed operation and lock into place automatically when they are being closed, further enhancing the user-focused approach of the Italian company. The SLIDER 25 stst shield on the backpack nicely complements the elegant and high-quality aesthetics of the Milano System with the clean design and stainless-steel shield of the magnetic buckle. Additionally, the larger packing block features a SNAP buckle 20 on the inside - applied to a 20 mm luggage strap on the inside and guaranteeing quick release for easy packing.

close-up of the SNAP buckle used for the packing block
All elements of the Milano System featuring FIDLOCK components
Close-up of the SLIDER 25 on the backpack of the Milano System

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples!