Fullsize lifshot with swimshorts by RAKE with HERMETIC sew-in-pockets

Carefree into the cool water with the swimming shorts by RAKE featuring the HERMETIC sew-in pockets by FIDLOCK 

Where to put your smartphone phone, wallet, or other valuables when you want to go into the water? The Dutch company RAKE has come up with a practical and clever answer to this question: Take it with you! The idea of a pair of swimming shorts with waterproof HERMETIC pockets was born. The result is swim shorts that are made of 100% recycled polyester and feature a timeless design. Available in three different colours, the swim shorts "Just Black", "Pretty Mint" and "Very Cherry" offer the perfect model for every taste. The HERMETIC sew-in pockets are the perfect addition. Put your mobile phone or wallet into the pouch and just let go: The magnetic rows ensure automatic and complete hermetic closure of the pocket.

Lifeshot of a swimshorts with HERMETIC sew-in-pockets
Lifeshot swimshorts at the ocean

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Timeless design meets functional, waterproof trouser pocket.

The hermetically self-sealing bags have the same features as our HERMETIC dry bags. Thanks to the three rows of magnets that shut automatically, your valuables are perfectly protected from water, sand, and dust. The quality of the Gooper-technology ensures that the sew-in pockets reach the IPX 8 standard, which means they retain their waterproof properties at depths of up to 30 meters. Therefore, they are a perfect match for the RAKE swim shorts, which guarantee carefree swimming fun. HERMETIC sew-in pockets are available in different versions so that you can find the right solution for your product.

Lifeshot with swimshorts

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials and other features of the sew-in pockets on the dedicated page of our website.

HERMETIC sew-in pockets