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Helmet buckles by FIDLOCK.


Magnetic FIDLOCK helmet buckles: intuitive, pinch-free and one-handed use even with gloves for innovative head protection

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Helmets accompany us doing different things under changing conditions – however, they all have in common that they need to be reliable, comfortable, and secure protection for your head. It doesn‘t matter whether you are looking at a helmet for safety at work or for leisure time on snowy slopes. The situation always calls for special features that facilitate protection for the wearers, already starting with the intuitive and secure fastening of the chin-strap. No more fiddling, no need to take off your gloves and secure hold give wearers more liberty to focus on the actual task at hand, greatly decreasing possible distractions like pinched skin in crucial situations. Our FIDLOCK helmet buckles  combine magnetic and mechanical fastening concepts in intuitive and user-friendly fasteners, opened and closed in only a moment.


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Fahrradhelm mit Fidlock-Verschluss


You can download a quick overview of all our magnetic helmet fasteners here and find further details on this page!


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Helmet buckle Helmverchluss am Beispiel eines Motoradhelms

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Innovative fasteners for user-friendly helmets

When you try to put on or take off a helmet, you rarely see what you are doing when you want to release or fasten the buckle. Located so close to our skin and under the chin, helmet buckles should be as easy to use as possible, without having to fiddle with the buckle or improper fastening. FIDLOCK fasteners guide the fastening components into the correct position with magnetic force and snap securely shut due to a mechanical lock – ideal features for delicate application areas that require precision to prevent e.g. skin-pinching in hurried situations.

However, helmets are applications which require special attention to the finest details in development, concerning user-friendliness and safety. Our helmet fasteners take intuitive and secure features to the next level, especially aligned for the application on headgear. Therefore, they are not to be confused with our other fastener with similar visual designs.

SNAP helmet buckle & SNAP buckle – subtle but essential differences

Our SNAP helmet buckles and SNAP buckles may look alike but are intended for completely different products. Our SNAP buckles can be seen as the next generation of the conventional buckle for diverse applications, such as bags, accessories, apparel and chest straps. However, it is not strong enough for the application on helmets. Therefore, the key to making SNAP buckle into a sturdy SNAP helmet buckle is adapting them and using the right material, switching from nylon to grivory or durethan. 

Materials & their features

Different materials, used on similar fastener designs, achieve different static breaking loads.  Transferred to our SNAP buckles for 15mm, the materials (Durethan or Grivory) of the SNAP helmet buckles can endure 65kg or 75kg, while the nylon-based SNAP buckle 15 can only carry 55kg.

Material Struktur Durethan

material structure Durethan

Material Struktur Grivory

material structure Grivory

Material Struktur Nylon

material structure nylon

Options for diverse application areas in sports and professions

Helmets are used for many very different things. Therefore, they can also have very different requirements regarding safety, ergonomics, function and design. Adapting to the different application areas, ranging from sports to professions, we offer an extensive portfolio of fasteners which can be used on helmets for many purposes. To name only a few:

Winter sports, such as ski, snowboarding, ice hockey or snowmobile riding

Summer activities, such as cycling, water sports, climbing, downhill and motorcycling

Professions requiring head protection, such as firefighters or in the industry and crafts.


Safety standards, testing & the application of FIDLOCK helmet buckles

All our helmet fasteners undergo drop and pull testing to estimate possible application areas. Our standard values for testing  are:

 Europe – EN 1078: 60cm + 4kg    60kg   
 Australia + New Zealand– ASNZS 2063: 25cm + 10kg / 30h in water         70kg   
 SNAP buckle only    55kg   



However, please note that applications and helmets are unique and our fasteners merely a component. The complete helmet needs to meet required safety standards and has to be tested by the manufacturer/brand accordingly. We only give a first estimate on which fasteners could meet the standards for your application. Yet, this also means that the here named standards aren't the only ones, our magnetic buckles can meet, such as DIN EN 12492 for climbing.

Range of FIDLOCK helmet buckles

As mentioned, we offer an extensive range of helmet fasteners to meet the requirement of the many different areas that require protective headgear – not only our SNAP helmet buckles but variants from the HOOK product family as well. Of course, we know that for many fields, an appealing visual design promotes wearing the required protection. Therefore, our helmet buckles can be customized with your individual branding or adapted to the colourway of your product. 


Explore helmet buckles

Get to know the SNAP helmet buckle

Learn more about the SNAP helmet buckles.

Create your custom helmet buckle

The individualization of SNAP helmet closures offers numerous possibilities.

Also, we want to facilitate finding the ideal FIDLOCK helmet fasteners for you and have created a visual overview of all our helmet fasteners, including the following info:

what strap width is needed

fitting options for different belts

static breaking loads in KG

the most prevalent safety standards for helmets

You can download our helmet buckle overview here!


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