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We moved our FIDLOCK headquarters to a new office in Hannover!


As of March 16th, 2020, the FIDLOCK Headquarters has a new address. Staying based in the same town in Germany, you can now find us at the Kirchhorster Str. 39, 30659 Hannover. In the past months, our team at FIDLOCK looked forward to the move, because space was getting quite cramped in our old headquarters. Of course, there is more to the story and to celebrate the new headquarters of FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners, we would like to share the story and background of FIDLOCK’s move with you:

Why move?

In the past years, the success of our premium magnetic fasteners and consumer products led to our team at FIDLOCK growing noticeably. In January 2018, FIDLOCK counted 30 employees – growing to 51 employees by December 2019. During 2018, it soon became clear that with the ongoing growth, moving would become necessary in the foreseeable future. However, it wasn’t only the larger staff that led to the decision to move into another office. The portfolio of our FIDLOCK consumer products, such as the TWIST bottles, expanded steadily and the available storage space became cramped quickly.
As a result, before the end of the year 2018, we contacted estate agents and arranged viewings.

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The new office and the challenge of finding it

Searching for an office that suits all of FIDLOCK’s requirements wasn’t an easy task. First of all, finding a location that is appropriate for the employees was very important. Commutes, schedules and public transport had to be weighed carefully. On top of that, finding a building that meets our company’s requirements was quite difficult. As mentioned before, we need a lot of storage space, since the magnetic fasteners aren’t all that needs to be stored. Additionally, more than 50 employees need enough room to be able to work comfortably. Unfortunately, many buildings offered either a large office space with a small basement for file storage, or a large storage hall with a tiny office.

However, our team kept looking and was rewarded with a match! At the end of 2019, the papers were signed and preparations for the actual move of FIDLOCK went into high gear.

What we probably looked forward to the most was a lot of space, considering that this was the first reason for moving. Of course, the new office also gives a solution to our storage issues, offering much more space. Additionally, we now have more meeting rooms at our disposal which come in handy. To sum up, moving was the right move!

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