fullsize lifeshot of the Kidgoo1 by Queridoo with FIDLOCK fasteners

Qeridoo bike trailers with FIDLOCK fasteners: More flexibility and comfort in daily family life

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Boring bicycle trailers are a matter of the past. Models by Qeridoo are more than simple bicycle trailers, and FIDLOCK fasteners on the Kidgoo by Qeridoo perfectly fit into their concept. This bicycle trailer offers versatility and multifunctionality and perfectly adapts to your everyday life – e.g. as a stroller replacement or a buggy for jogging or walking. The Qeridoo children's bike trailer provides many different variants to make everyday life easier. However, the bike trailer does not only adapt to your requirements of everyday life. Also, the operation and use have to be as intuitive and easy as possible. For quick opening and closing of the canopy, Qeridoo relies on FIDLOCK fasteners. The easy operation of the SNAP push M 25 LL replaces the long handling with the hood, and the children's bike trailer is immediately ready to go.

lifeshot Kidgoo by Queridoo with FIDLOCK fasteners

Ease of use and safety with the SNAP push fastener 

The canopy can open quickly and easily with the intuitive SNAP push M 25 LL. Just push the button, and the fastener opens quickly. As soon as the canopy is put back on, it closes almost automatically and securely locks into place. Therefore, you have no risk that the canopy opens while driving. Like all other FIDLOCK buckles, the SNAP push M 25 LL fastener features one-handed use and an intuitive operation.

FIDLOCK fastener opening on the Kidgoo by Queridoo
FIDLOCK fastener open on the Queridoos Kidgoo1
Opening the hood of the KIdgoo1 by Queridoo with FIDLOCK fasteners
JUNIOR press fastener in the Kidgoo1 by Qeridoo

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Simple, safe, practical: The JUNIOR fastener in the Kidgoo by Qeridoo

The Kidgoo pushchair features FIDLOCK fasteners on the outside and as well in the inside. The JUNIOR fastener is an ideal solution for their pushchair because the buckle works best in areas where child safety is a top priority. The Kidgoo pushchair features FIDLOCK fasteners on the outside and as well in the inside. The pushchair's JUNIOR press is an ideal solution for areas where child safety is a top priority. With the one-handed use of the buckle, your other hand is always free to secure the child. Perfect when things get very fast and hectic. Thanks to the magnets, the buckle closes automatically to start the journey quickly. Despite its simplicity, the fastener cannot be opened by children due to the resistance.

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FIDLOCK-ready on the Kidgoo pushchair from Qeridoo

Not only FIDLOCK fasteners are used for the Kidgoo by Qeridoo. Furthermore, starting in 2024, there will be a Kidgoo FIDLOCK edition available, which comes with the TWIST base pre-installed on the handlebar. Therefore, customers can adapt their bike trailers with additional accessories. The TWIST base is a mount for TWIST bottles and essential bags. In combination with the TWIST uni connector, even jackets can be attached to the TWIST bike base. The accessories on the Kidgoo are easily exchangeable, allowing quick preparation for diverse situations.The FIDLOCK  base will also be available as an optional accessory for all 2023 models.

Life bottle on the Kidgoo1 by Queridoo

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the SNAP push M 25LL or JUNIOR product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product page! Find additional information about the TWIST base with the button below.

 TWIST technology 

SNAP push