fullsize of a FIDLOCK bottle with the TWIST base for airline rails by SeaLand

Always keep your bottle ready to hand in boats or campervans – with the TWIST base for the airline rails by SeaLand-pro

The TWIST bike base is not the only thing that unties SeaLand-pro and FIDLOCK. The patented fastening technology by FIDLOCK, our TWIST bike base, and SeaLand-pro’s airline rails resulted from passion. The first FIDLOCK fastener was a bow-holder for FIDLOCK founder Joachim Fiedler’s cello. A bike-loving team is responsible for the TWIST bike base. And SeaLand-pro emerged from the conversion of its founders’ own campervan. They quickly discovered the need for placement solutions inside the van that are as flexible as possible. With their especially small and slim airline rails, they created the ideal solution for vans and other vehicles, such as boats. 

FIDLOCK bottle on a boat
Lifeshot bottle on a camper

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Quality and flexibility: SeaLand-pro rails and the TWIST bike base

The airline rails and airline fittings by SeaLand-pro follow the highest quality standards. Moreover, functionality and flexibility are key regarding both. The concept of SeaLand-pro features easy removal and installation of the airline fittings with just a few quick steps. The TWIST bike base perfectly fits into this concept. SeaLand-pro equipped the base with the attachment for the airline rails. Therefore, users can easily make their van FIDLOCK-ready. With the TWIST bike base, users can quench their thirst in a flash – just turn to release the TWIST bottle and simply let it snap back onto the base. However, the TWIST bike base is much more than just a bottle mount.

TWIST base for airline rails by SeaLand

More than a bottle mount

With the TWIST bike base for their airline rails, SeaLand-pro offers another level of flexibility in vehicles. The base is compatible with all TWIST accessories. Users can choose whether they want to attach a bottle or are in need of another small bag. On top of that, the TWIST uni connector makes it possible to make other things TWIST-compatible – how about the personal favourite drinking bottle or a picnic blanket?

 TWIST technology