Fullsize picture of the Range Extender by TQ with the FIDLOCK bike base

Endless distances without interruption: TQ Range Extender with FIDLOCK TWIST integration for your e-bike

TQ has developed a range extender that provides a natural riding experience. About the size of a 500 ml bottle, the range extender fits perfectly on the frame of an e-bike and weighs just 900g. Therefore, they have used the TWIST force connector with the TWIST bike base, ensuring that the range extender can be attached and removed quickly. The dual charge port allows the battery to be charged simultaneously as the range extender. As a result, taking the range extender off the bike frame is unnecessary. If you want to remove the TQ Range Extender, you can gently pull on the strap of the TWIST force connector, the other safety catches are released, and the range extender is easily removed with a slight twist.

TQ Range Extender pulltab
TQ Range Extender opening
TQ Range Extender twist
TQ Range Extender removed

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The TWIST base - Small and inconspicuous but with huge possibilities

TQ used our magnetic components as added value for their customers. By using the TWIST bike base they enable their customers to buy bikes that fit them and their needs. With additional accessories, they can go even further and prepare themselves for all everyday situations. Increase your revenue by exciting users with a unique mounting system for bags, bottles, locks, phones, the TQ range extenders, and more. In Addition, the TWIST bike base impresses with its minimalist design and easy installation. Simply attach it to the threaded sockets of the bicycle frame and your customer is offered a wide range of options for example bottles, bags, and much more.

TQ TWIST products variations GIF

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