DJ Oonops cycling away with his pannier for records

DJ Oonops’ Commuter 45 featuring FIDLOCK bag fastener – pannier designed for records and DJ equipment

What do a DJ and FIDLOCK have in common? Our passion for bikes, magnetic fasteners and music!

It’s no secret that our founder Joachim Fiedler had his first idea for a magnetic fastener while working as a professional cellist. However, the magnetic fastener for his bow holder wasn’t his first invention. He previously wished for an easy way to transport his cello with his bike. As necessity is the mother of invention, he created the Fielder carrying system for cello cases. The development of the commuter 45-bag started with a similar wish of DJ Oonops. That makes it even nicer to see that magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK also support other musicians in realizing their ideas. 

FIDLOCK founder Joachim cycling with his carrying system for cello cases
DJ Oonops cycling with his panniers for records

DJ Oonops often cycles to his gigs and, like Joachim, was looking for an easy and safe way to transport his equipment and records by bike. Conventional panniers aren’t suited for such valuable and sensitive cargo. So, why not create a bag tailored to the needs of cycling DJs? This caused him to cooperate with Maesh Bag and set the foundation for the commuter 45-bag.

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Commuter 45-bag with the V-BUCKLE

The commuter 45-bag is the ideal companion for DJs. Shape and compartments are padded and designed for records and equipment. Furthermore, the bag is hand-made from 90% waterproof upcycled material. Naturally, such high quality and valuable cargo call for a reliable and secure fastener for the removable shoulder strap. DJ Oonops made the perfect choice by using the V-BUCKLE 40 LL black flap by FIDLOCK.

Commmuter 45 pannier from above

The features of the V-BUCKLE are ideal for the application on the shoulder strap of the pannier. Thanks to its self-securing functionality, the hold of the magnetic fastener increases with the load it is carrying. Therefore, the strap is securely attached to the bag. Furthermore, the used version is designed for 40 mm wide webbing and features ladderlocks for quick and easy length adjustment – perfect for shoulder straps that have to withstand a bit more. However, the cherry on top is the FIDLOCK-typical intuitive operation of the V-BUCKLE. Simply pulling the tab opens the fastener. When closing it, the magnetic force causes the fastener parts to attract each other, allowing them to engage automatically and securely. Therefore, the bag is ready to go within seconds when you are in a hurry to get to the next gig or only have one free hand. 

Close-up of the pannier for recors installed on a bike - buckles by FIDLOCK in focus
DJ oonops performing at a gig with his equipment in the pannier

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