showing how the STRIPE X5 flex bends for curvy applications

Bending around any curve

The flexible fastener of the STRIPE family

The STRIPE X5 flex magnetic fastener – flexible, adjustable, and ideal for textile applications

As an addition to our innovative STRIPE fasteners, the STRIPE X5 flex is another version of our STRIPE X3 flex fastener. Featuring two additional levels for adjustment, it is just as flexible as the X3 version of this fastener and can bend, adapting to curves on products. Therefore, it is ideal for apparel and diverse textile applications of conventional hook-and-loop fasteners. The STRIPE X5 flex fastener also offers the needed adjustability for these applications, without risking getting caught on the material of, for example, collars or sleeves. 
Additionally, it opens and closes smoothly, thanks to the magnetic-mechanical FIDLOCK concept. Therefore, opening and closing this fastener offers users an intuitive and quiet experience. Equip your product with an additional USP which allows them to adjust collars, caps, and more without even having to take their eyes from what they are doing.

Top view of the STRIPE X5 flex fastener
Side view of the STRIPE X5 flex fastener
Exploded view of the STRIPE X5 flex fastener
Perspective view of the STRIPE X5 flex fastener
Bottom view of STRIPE X5 flex

Easy fitting and ease of use for your product

Next to the great ease of use, known from the FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners, the STRIPE X5 flex also shines with easy fitting for textile products. Made from TPU, it offers a sewing strip on all sides, allowing easy welding or sewing onto the products. 

You can find out more about the STRIPE X5 flex by visiting the product page.


STRIPE X5 flex

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Other STRIPE fasteners for apparel, accessories, and footwear

Our STRIPE product family features different versions adapted to the requirements of their application areas. Our STRIPE FW SB 20 and STRIPE FW DR 20, for example, were specially designed for footwear. Or the small and inconspicuous STRIPE X1 versions, offering fitting underneath or on materials. Therefore, our STRIPE X1 underlay is a small and inconspicuous fastening solution for many products. Our STRIPE slim X5, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for caps or other products which profit from quick and easy fastening and adjustment - without being able to see the fastener when used.

STRIPE X5 felx fastener used on cap