male L retractable
Opening mechanisms
defined by female part
ca. 16 g
Dimensions (Ø; height)
50 mm; 12,5 mm (retracted)
Static breaking load N
294 N
Static breaking load KG
30 kg
screw thread
Tools for assembly
front: no tool; back: TOOL 2/TOOL 3/TOOL 22
Punch hole for assembly
35,6 mm

Female Parts

Article description

The SNAP male L retractable features a flat surface. When a female counterpart is placed above it, magnetic force attracts the male part, causing the mushroom-shaped lock to emerge from the male part and the fastener to lock securely. As soon as the female part is removed, the locking mechanism retracts, regaining the SNAP male L retractable fastener's flat surface. On top of that, the SNAP male L retractable offers the same quick, easy, and single-handed use as our other SNAP fasteners. The SNAP male L retractable is compatible with all SNAP female L components.

Safety instructions & further information

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

The load capacity and the suitability of the fastener depend on the size of the components and specific application on the product.

SNAP fasteners always require a combination of a SNAP male part and a female part of the SNAP, SNAP pull or SNAP push product families.

Field of application

When the SNAP male L retractable is separated from a female part, it offers a flat surface. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for diverse application areas that want to prevent protruding elements. For example, used in car boots, it doesn't risk users getting caught on the fastener when loading and unloading their luggage. It also suits bags or other products which are meant to offer quick and easy modular combinations. Here, it offers a flat transition of the fastening component to the material and features high ease of use. 


The unique features of the SNAP male L retractable allow easy flush fitting on diverse surfaces. Therefore,  the fastener component has no unwelcome protruding elements. Also, it features a screw thread and can be easily assembled, catching material in between the components of the male part. 


The SNAP fasteners are available in different colours and can feature an individual logo. 
On top of that, the versions with high-end metal covers achieve an especially classy visual appearance. 

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